Forget the Nintendo Switch Pro — this Switch is 6 feet long and playable

Giant Nintendo Switch
(Image credit: Michael Pick)

Who needs a massive 4K TV when you can play your favorite games directly from a  6-feet-long Nintendo Switch? YouTuber Michael Pick (also known as The Casual Engineer) made this possible by engineering the world's biggest Nintendo console, which measures 70 by 30 inches and weighs 65 pounds in total.

According to the content creator, he was inspired to build the oversized version of the portable console as he believed that the original was "really easy to lose." Thankfully, his creation easily solved this problem, as the overall size of the console ended up being 650% bigger than the original Switch.

All of the buttons and joysticks are fully functional and replicate all of the commands from the traditional Nintendo Switch. And even if stretching your arms is too much of an issue, the massive console can easily be paired up with an external Nintendo Switch Pro controller.

Now, how exactly did Pick manage to put everything together? Surprisingly, it's actually not as complicated as we thought it'd be. The device is basically a wooden shell that houses an original Nintendo Switch console and a 4K TV.

The giant console also uses 3D-printed buttons that connect to a set of original Joy-Con controllers through a set of wires that manually mirror the inputs received from the larger Joy-Cons. However, as we can tell from the YouTuber's demonstration of a giant Mario Kart 8 race, this does seem to introduce a rather significant level of input lag. 

The content creator concluded his video by donating the oversized Nintendo Switch console to St Jude's Children Hospital.

And speaking of 4K gaming, if you are just as hyped as the rest of us regarding the rumored release of the Nintendo Switch Pro, make sure to check out our roundup of the most up-to-date leaks and rumors. Although Nintendo hasn't yet confirmed the rumored console even exists, there has been growing speculation that it will feature support for 4K resolution in a docked mode and a slick new OLED display.

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