Chromebooks are getting a big upgrade to boost your productivity

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Google is currently testing a new feature in ChromeOS that could make managing your tasks easier on the best Chromebooks.

As discovered by C2 Production on Twitter, a new Google Tasks widget is being tested in the Canary build (an experimental version of Chrome for developers) of ChromeOS 118. 

As the tweet explains, this isn’t a widget in the traditional sense but a Google Tasks integration with the Calendar Widget in the Shelf. The Google Task widget appears on top of the Calendar widget and is divided into different tasks, such as schoolwork or personal tasks.

What’s useful about this new feature is that you can tick off tasks as you finish them. Not only will you know what you need to complete, but you’ll also see what you’ve finished. You can also set up different lists with their respective tasks, which can help you organize even further. If you have a lot on your plate at work or in your personal life, this new feature should ensure that nothing falls through the cracks.

As TechRadar notes, you’re currently not able to add new tasks through the widget. Instead, you’ll have to go through the Google Tasks homepage to add a new task. Said task will then automatically show up in the widget on your desktop.

C2 Productions’ tweet also shows off a new Material You redesign in ChromeOS’ Settings menu (via 9to5Google). The redesign itself seems to take cues from Android’s interface. That’s not too surprising given how ChromeOS and Android have shared similar design elements. If you’re an Android user, this could make navigating ChromeOS easier.


As with all features tested in Google ChromeOS Canary builds, it’s not guaranteed we’ll see this Google Tasks feature arrive for all Chrome users.

Hopefully, this feature will eventually manifest on Chrome. If you’re like me, you’re likely swamped with a bunch of tasks not only at work but even at home. Sure, there are apps to help you keep on top of tasks, but having this new feature in Chrome should help out big time.

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