Apple Vision Pro could launch without a key productivity feature — what we know

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The Apple Vision Pro is officially coming at the start of February, but it may be missing one highly-anticipated feature. According to Mark Gurman, the headset’s virtual keyboard is “a complete write off”. Or at least it will be in version 1.0 of the software. 

Gurman claims that the virtual keyboard required users to “poke each key one finger at a time like you did before you learned how to type”. Which sounds slow and irritating, and far from the picture of magical in-air typing painted by various rumors.

This limits the capabilities of the Vision Pro headset as a standalone work device, naturally. Apple already emphasized the headset’s ability to sync with a MacBook and produce additional virtual screens, but presumably the headset will be able to operate as a standalone workstation as well. 

At the very least the fact the headset supports “thousands of iPad and iPhone apps” suggests things like Google Docs or Microsoft office will be available for the headset. Sadly if you want to use them, Gurman says you’ll need to invest in one of the best wireless keyboards and link it to the Vision Pro via Bluetooth. 

This doesn’t necessarily mean the virtual keyboard couldn’t make an appearance on the Vision Pro in the future. Since it’s a software feature, it could be added via a software update rather than asking you to buy a brand new headset. But it’s still a shame Apple couldn’t stick the landing in time for release day on February 2.

An Apple-approved accessory from Belkin?

Fortunately you may not be relegated to using some random Bluetooth keyboard for long. Gurman has also reported that Belkin, maker of countless Apple-endorsed accessories, is said to be working on at least one accessory for the Vision Pro — a clip that lets you attach the headset’s battery pack to your clothes. 

Apparently the clip will go on sale alongside the Vision Pro headset next month. And while amazingly interesting as a battery pack clip might seem, it means that third party companies will be filling in the gaps around the headset. 

I would not be surprised if there ended up being some kind of pseudo-official Vision Pro keyboard going on sale in the coming weeks and months. Either from Belkin or one of the other companies with gear stocked by the Apple Store.

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