Apple Vision Pro release date just confirmed for February 2 — and pre-orders start next week

Apple Vision Pro
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The Apple Vision Pro headset is coming, and now we finally know exactly when you can try one out for yourself. Apple has confirmed the new spatial computing headset will go on sale in the U.S. on February 2, with pre-orders opening on January 19 at 8 a.m. EST.

As Apple already announced last year, when the Vision Pro was first unveiled, the headset is going to set you back $3,500. Naturally the headset will be available in Apple Stores across the U.S. as well as on the Apple website. 

Anyone that wears glasses or contacts may need to purchase an additional set of lenses to use the headset properly. Readers will cost $99, while prescription lenses will be $149. Both are made by Zeiss, and attach to the Vision Pro’s interior magnetically. They’re also only available online, which means you can’t just waltz into your nearest Apple Store and pick them up in person

Each headset will come with 256GB of storage, a battery, a USB-C charging brick and cable, a light seal, 2 light seal cushions, a cover for the front of the headset and two band options — a solo knit band and a dual loop band. 

Apple vision pro headband options

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The idea behind the two bands is to offer user choice, letting them figure out which setup is more comfortable. As the names suggest, the solo knit band is a single strap behind your head, while the dual loop band goes behind and over your head — much like the design of other VR headsets.

Meanwhile the light seal is made from soft materials and is designed to conform to your face. That way it’ll have a more precise fit, and stop any background light getting in and spoiling the experience.

There’s no word on the availability of extra batteries, which you may need considering the headset is only rated to last about 2 hours. Here’s hoping Apple can get them on sale sooner rather than later.

We’re quite excited to spend more time with the Vision Pro headset and really get to grips with everything it can do. As we wrote in our Apple Vision Pro hands-on last year, we found ourselves very impressed with the headset’s interface — and how intuitive the eye tracking and hand gestures really were. The headset also looks good, both in terms of its exterior design and the crisp micro-LED displays.

Then again, even within our brief time with the headset it was clear Apple missed the mark in places. EyeSight may have been made with the best intentions, but the final result was just plain creepy. The eye-watering price tag also means that this is a device most people won’t be able to afford to use.

We’ll have more on the Apple Vision Pro once it goes on sale, but in the meantime you can read more about the headset in our Apple Vision Pro hands-on and our Apple Vision Pro hub.

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