Apple AirTags just revealed — see Apple’s Tile-killers from every angle

Apple AirTags
(Image credit: Front Page Tech)

We finally know what Apple AirTags — the company's long-rumored key finders — could look like ahead of a potential launch alongside the Apple Watch 6 tomorrow.

According to Front Page Tech's Jon Prosser, Apple AirTags are circular and "just a tad larger than a bottle cap." The product features a clean white front and polished metal back with Apple's logo. 

Prosser's provided render isn't far off from previous concepts we've seen, but this is certainly our best look yet at the AirTags design.

Like other key finders, the puck-like AirTags can be used to help you keep track of valuables like keys, computers, wallets and purses. The tracker communicates with your phone, so if you misplace the item it's connected to, you can find its location.

(Image credit: Front Page Tech)

This upcoming tracking system is reportedly powered by Ultra-wideband technology. UWB is expected to arrive for most (if not all) Apple products in the near-future, and considered extremely accurate for determining location.

Prosser doesn't have an AirTags price to share, but expects they'll be expensive. Plus the AirTags keychain, which is necessary to attach the device to a keyring, will be sold separately. 

Of course, we could see third-party sellers develop their own AirTags keychains, too.

Apple AirTags might launch during tomorrow's Apple Event, although a later reveal alongside the new iPhone 12 lineup is possible as well. 

Kate Kozuch

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