Amazon developing wall-mounted Echo 'command center' for your entire smart home

Amazon Echo Show 10
(Image credit: Amazon)

Amazon’s Alexa-powered smart speakers come in all shapes and size, from the miniature Echo Dot to the full-sized Echo Show display. But there could be another Alexa product in the works that outsizes them all.

Bloomberg reports that Amazon is working on a wall-mounted Echo touchscreen device. This no mere speaker-smart display combo. Rather, this wall-mounted edition to the Echo lineup would serve as the command center or hub for smart home tech. 

According to the report, Amazon's Lab126 division is reportedly working on preparing this wall-sized device. It would function similarly to other Echo panels, controlling smart lights, locks, and automating other smart home processes. It also would play music and video, connect to Amazon's Alexa assistant, and include a camera for video conferencing. 

Amazon is likely considering a few different variations, such as 10 and 13-inch displays. The 13-inch display would be the largest display in Amazon’s Echo line if’s released in the wild.

It's worth noting that this Echo device would hardly be the first of its kind. There are a variety of options from other manufacturers that act similarly to what Amazon's proposing. Companies like Atmos offer similar "command center" options with wall-mounted touchscreen panels, as do the likes of Legrand Vantage, Crestron, and a number of noteworthy names. 

Amazon has expressed interest in creating devices meant solely for the wall before. You can pick up an Echo Wall Clock for under $30 right now, which offers the hands-free functionality of Alexa with the simplicity of an analog clock. It isn’t nearly as sophisticated as a command center for the wall, but it’s still thinking along the same lines. 

Bloomberg reports this unnamed Echo wall panel might cost between $200 and $250. It could potentially debut near the end of 2021 or 2022, but Amazon has declined to comment on these rumors. We'll have to wait and see what transpires in the coming months. 

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