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Pixel's ringer feature: How to silence embarrassing phone calls

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We've all been there: You're in a meeting, or somewhere quiet where random loud noises are generally frowned upon. And then your phone rings. Ordinarily, you might have set your device to silent or vibrate, but for whatever reason you didn't do that, and now you're facing startled stares from everyone in the room.

First off, it's not a big deal. Take a breath, you will come back from this. Second, if you happen to own a Pixel device, Google has introduced a new feature that should help.

A new option available in the Sound section of the Settings app makes it so your phone will vibrate first when it gets a call, then increase the volume of the ring gradually after the fact to get your attention. Better yet, this feature isn't limited to the Pixel 4 — so owners of older Google phones, as well as the low-cost Pixel 3a, won't be left out.

Here's how to enable the feature on your Pixel. And if you don't see the option yet, be patient — at the moment, it's quietly rolling out to devices, so it's just a matter of time before it hits yours.

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1. Open the Settings app

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2. Tap Sound

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3. Tap Vibrate for calls

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4. Tap Vibrate first then ring gradually

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