How to wash a weighted blanket to keep it in top condition

Woman sleeping under a weighted blanket
Woman sleeping under a weighted blanket (Image credit: Amazon)

Weighted blankets are not only great to snuggle under for winter, but you’ll need to know how to wash a weighted blanket so it can stay fresh all year round. 

Not only do the best weighted blankets provide incredible therapeutic benefits, but they also ensure you have a good night’s sleep. So taking care of and maintaining your weighted blanket is of the utmost importance to your well-being.

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Unlike standard blankets though, washing a weighted blanket can be a little tricky. First, they weigh anywhere between five and 30 pounds, and are mainly filled with plastic pellets or glass beads. Secondly, they can take up a lot of space, so it may seem overwhelming to clean. 

However, here are some simple steps on how to wash a weighted blanket, which are hassle-free and easy to do.

How to wash a weighted blanket in the washing machine

1. Read the care label/instructions — Always read the care label to find out the washing instructions. Is it machine washable or will it need to be washed by hand? Most weighted blankets can be put on a gentle wash with a cool setting.

Bear in mind, if your weighted blanket is under 20 pounds, it can be machine washed. But, for anything over that, it’s recommended to wash at a laundromat or in a commercial washing machine.  

Care label

Care label (Image credit: Shutterstock)

2. Check for stains — Before throwing your weighted blanket into the washing machine, check for any inevitable spills or stains. Depending on the stain, you’ll need to isolate it with a stain remover, such as Tide ($14.99 at Amazon), or rub it with a damp, soapy cloth to gently lift it off. If you do the latter, rinse the area before putting it in the washing machine, otherwise, follow the stain remover's instructions.

3. Set to a gentle cycle and wash in cold water  — It’s always recommended to opt for a cold cycle to prevent damaging your weighted blanket, and to also maintain the colors. 

4. Always use a mild detergent and no fabric softener — Use a mild detergent which is more delicate for your weighted blanket. Never use any products that contain bleach, as this can fade the color.  

Putting blanket into washing machine

Putting blanket into washing machine (Image credit: Shutterstock)

How to wash a weighted blanket by hand

If your weighted blanket is too heavy to machine wash, or you don’t have a washing machine, you can easily wash by hand. You’ll just need a decent sized bathtub to do so and potentially a second pair of hands to help with the weight.

1. Prepare your bathtub give it a good clean and rinse, ready for your weighted blanket. 

2. Fill your tub halfway with cold water — add a cup of laundry detergent and mix well until it’s lathered. 

3. Put your weighted blanket into the tub — submerge in the water. 

4. Give it a clean — scrub the blanket by hand to give it a good wash. 

5. Empty the tub, and fill it up again — this time with clean water to rinse. Gently ring, rinse and repeat until your blanket is soap-free.

6. Fold the blanket in half (long ways) — roll it and squeeze to remove the water, and repeat until the excess is gone. 

Drying out your weighted blanket 

Bear in mind that your weighted blanket will feel even more heavy after it has been washed. If your care label allows for it to be put in the dryer, you can run it through on a low or medium setting. 

However, it’s best practice to air dry outside or hang over a sturdy and even surface, like a stair bannister. Be sure to turn it over every hour so it can dry properly. Once it’s completely dry, it’s ready for your evenings in again!

Blankets hanging out to dry

Blankets hanging out to dry (Image credit: Shutterstock)

What is a weighted blanket?

Weighted blankets are heavy blankets designed to be therapeutic and can relieve stress, anxiety, chronic pain, OCD, and various other health conditions. Experts say the heavy weight of the blanket produces a calming effect by simulating deep pressure therapy. This is often used to create “feel-good” chemicals in the body that will reduce anxiety and improve the quality of sleep.

Do I need to iron my weighted blanket?

While you may prefer crease-free and pristine linen, the answer is no. Ironing your weighted blanket could damage the filling that makes it feel so cosy. If you don’t want unsightly wrinkles, you can always put a duvet cover on top that you can easily wash and iron after use.  

How often should I wash my weighted blanket?

Generally, it’s recommended you should wash your blanket around three to four times a year. However, this depends on how often you use it, so you may want to wash more frequently to get rid of dust, odors, stains or bacteria.  

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