How to fold a fitted sheet in less than a minute

Sky blue folded fitted sheets
Sky blue folded fitted sheets (Image credit: Shutterstock)

While it may seem like a simple task, fitted sheets can often be tricky to fold. If you're always grappling with the elasticated ends and can never seem to get it right, it’s useful to know how to fold a fitted sheet neatly. Compared to flat sheets, if you don’t know how to fold a fitted sheet properly, it will only end up looking like a wrinkled mess — a shame if you've chosen the best mattress.  

What’s more, knowing how to fold a fitted sheet will cut down on time, and help you organize your linen storage closet efficiently, without messy, crumpled sheets. 

Luckily, there is a really easy way to fold a fitted sheet in less than a minute. While you can find all sorts of fitted sheet folding hacks, this method has to be one of the easiest and quickest.

Follow these simple steps on how to fold a fitted sheet the right way, and make your folding chores easier. Why not try out this bed-making hack that went viral to make your life easier. Plus, if you're always washing, these 3 hacks will speed up laundry day.

1. Lay sheet out on a flat surface 

Fitted sheet out flat on floor

Fitted sheet out flat on floor (Image credit: Tom's Guide)

First, lay out the fitted sheet out on a flat surface or table, with the elasticated edges facing upwards. If you have a Queen or King sized sheet, you might want to lay it out on a clean floor.

2. Fold and tuck in the corners

Tucked in corners

Tucked in corners (Image credit: Tom's Guide)

Next up, grab the bottom two corners, fold them inside out, and tuck them inside the top two corners. The fitted sheet should be folded in half.  

3. Fold inward halfway 

Folded sheet in half

Folded sheet in half (Image credit: Tom's Guide)

Place the sheet back on the flat table or surface with the elastic parts facing upward and take the end of the sheet where the corners meet. Fold it inward halfway before folding over the bottom half over the top. Now you should have one long strip.

4.  Fold the sheet a final time 

Folded fitted sheet to store

(Image credit: Tom's Guide)

Once you have a long strip, fold the right end inward, then the left to make a neat fold. Don’t worry if the ends slightly overlap. Finally, fold the sheet once more in half. There you have it, a folded fitted sheet in less than a minute.

What’s the best way to store bed sheets? 

Woman folding bedding

Woman folding bedding (Image credit: Shutterstock)

According to organizing expert Marie Kondo, the best way to store bed sheets is inside their matching pillowcases. These can easily be folded and stacked to create more space in your linen storage. Plus, this makes it easier to find without rummaging among mismatched bedding.

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