How to wait in Hogwarts Legacy

A screenshot from Hogwarts Legacy on PC
(Image credit: Avalanche Software / Warner Bros. Games)

You'll want to know how to wait in Hogwarts Legacy, pretty much as soon as you pick up the game and get into the main quest. Certain quests and challenges require you arriving during either day or night, meaning you'll need to wait accordingly. It's also pretty cool waiting until nightfall to explore the Forbidden Forest in fitting eeriness, or flying around the Hogwarts' towers when their gothic style windows exude their film-like amber light.  

Although you have a dormitory and a bed, you can't sleep in Hogwarts Legacy. You instead pass time by waiting, which skips from day to night, or night to day.

So how do you wait in Hogwarts Legacy? Well, it's not exactly obvious at first. For some reason, the wait function is buried within the map. Random, but it's still easy to get to regardless. Here's how.

How to wait in Hogwarts Legacy

1. Open the Map

2. Press F on PC / R3 on console.

(Image credit: Avalanche Software / Warner Bros. Games)

3. Confirm you want to wait.

(Image credit: Avalanche Software / Warner Bros. Games)

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