Nintendo Switch 2 leaks reveal a new screen size plus backwards compatibility update

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Rumors of a Nintendo Switch 2 have circulated for a while now, but they could be coming to a head as we get closer to a potential June launch (assuming the follow-up to the original Swatch hasn't been pushed back to next year). A new batch of rumors covering everything from screen size to backward compatibility have surfaced, stoking expectations for whatever Nintendo has in stores.

Let's start with the Joy-Cons controllers, which were supposed to offer new controller connections according to previous reports. More details via IGN courtesy of third-party manufacturer Mobapad have emerged to collaborate last week's report on new Joy-Cons from Spanish publication Vandal.

That report has said the Joy-Cons are supposed to be larger than the current versions and have a different way of connecting to the Switch. Instead of the current sliding rail, they're supposed to use electromagnetic suction. 

Additionally, the SL and SR buttons are tipped to be metal, with new buttons coming to controllers as well, though it's unclear what they'll add to the mix.

As for current controllers, Mobapad says that existing Joy-Cons and the Pro controller will still work with the Nintendo Switch 2. Additionally, the cartridge slot will be able to work with current games, though it's unclear if games built for the Switch 2 will work with the older Nintendo handheld.

Here's what else we've learned.

A larger Switch

The leaks claim that the Switch 2 will be larger than the current generation, with the screen getting a rumored upgrade to an 8-inch display with 1080p resolution. The current Switch has a 7-inch screen and only supports 1080p when docked.

A new docking station

The dock is also slightly changing, according to these new reports, with the next-gen dock able to allow 4K resolution.

Interestingly, Mobapad says the new dock will feature a damping bracket on the back to allow for “a greater range of adjustable angles.” It’s unclear what purpose this feature would serve. Current Switch docks are small toaster looking pieces that just hold the Switch. That said, there are third-party docs with smaller profiles that don’t feature the walls covering the Switch. 

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