Samsung QN95C vs. Samsung QN95B: Which QLED TV should you buy?

Samsung QN95C vs. Samsung QN95B TV
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If you’re shopping for a new QLED TV, you might find yourself wondering about how the Samsung QN95C vs. Samsung QN95B TVs compare. While their specs are pretty similar, there are some generational differences you’ll want to know about.

The Samsung QN95B Neo QLED TV was among the best TVs released last year, scoring high marks while reminding us why Samsung is king of QLED TVs. But the newer Samsung QN95C TV has a few upgrades to offer in terms of design and performance.

There are several things to know for buying a TV, and whether an older model of TV (discounted by cheap TV deals) suits your needs is one of them. Here’s how the Samsung QN95C vs. Samsung QN95B TV stack up.

Samsung QN95C vs. Samsung QN95B TV: Specs compared

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Samsung QN95CSamsung QN95B
Sizes65", 75", 85"55", 65", 75", 85"
Ports4 HDMI 2.14 HDMI 2.1
Resolution3,840 x 2,160p3,840 x 2,160p
Smart TV softwareTizenTizen
ATSC 3.0 support?YesYes
One Connect BoxNoYes

Samsung QN95C vs. Samsung QN95B TV: Price and configurations

We’ve spent time with both the 65-inch TV configurations of the Samsung QN95C and Samsung QN95B QLED, which have price tags of $3,299 and $2,999, respectively. Even before deals, the Samsung QN95C is more expensive than the QN95B.

Both TVs come in 65-, 75- and 85-inch configurations, but only the QN95B has a 55-inch option, so it’s important to know if the TV size you should buy.

Samsung QN95C vs. Samsung QN95B TV: Design

The Samsung QN95C and Samsung QN95B QLED look as sleek as you’d expect from premium TVs. As both feature LED panels, the general appearance is similar compared to the difference you’d see between a QLED vs. OLED TV.  While OLED TVs are still slimmer, the two Samsung QLED TVs measure less than 1-inch thick.

Perhaps the biggest difference design-wise is a departure from the One Connect box, which offloads inputs into a separate unit allowing for installation and use flexibility. On the Samsung QN95B, this made it easier to access ports depending on how you situate the TV. Unfortunately, that's not the case on the QN95C — you’ll need to access the back of the TV to find the ports.

Samsung QN95C vs. Samsung QN95B TV: Test results

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Samsung QN95CSamsung QN95B
Lag time9.8 ms9.8 ms
Brightness (10% window)2321.2 nits1653.6 nits

Samsung QN95C vs. Samsung QN95B TV: Performance

We have spent time with both the Samsung QN95C and Samsung QN95B TVs, though we’ve only conducted a full review of the 2022 model. That said, we were able to get some preliminary test results and anecdotal experience with the 2023 QN95C to get a sense of the improvements to performance. 

The only category that stood out from the benchmarks we collected is brightness. In the same 10% window in Filmmaker mode, the Samsung QN95C measured 2321.2 nits, improving on the QN95B’s 1653.6 nits. We’ll note that the QN95B’s best brightness measurement of 1905.8 nits was measured in Standard mode, but we haven’t yet been able to test that on the QN95C. Either way, the numbers we have seen do show an improvement to brightness.

But we’re more impressed by what we saw from actually watching content on the newer TV. We witnessed a significant upgrade to the QN95C’s blooming control and viewing angles — in fact, the viewing angles on the QN95C were so good that OLED TVs should be worried this year.

Samsung QN95C vs. Samsung QN95B TV: Which should you buy?

We could make a case to get both the Samsung QN95C and Samsung QN95B QLED TVs, considering each are available to purchase new. The Samsung QN95B QLED is still a fairly-new TV model with excellent performance, plus ample size options and the One Connect Box.

That said, the improvements on the Samsung QN95C make it stronger overall TV. If you were to see the two side-by-side, your eyes would probably be drawn to the 2023 model, especially if you get to check out the off-angle viewing. 

Still, price is a major factor for most shoppers. Considering you can the get Samsung QN95B QLED TV for a good chuck of change less than the QN95C, the value is hard to beat.

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