Saatva vs Bear Mattress: Which hybrid should you buy in Presidents’ Day sales?

Saatva vs Bear mattress image shows the Saatva Classic on the left and the Bear Elite Hybrid mattress on the right
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Saatva and Bear are two big-name brands, both producing a range of mattresses to suit different sleeping styles. The Saatva Classic and Bear Elite Hybrid are both customizable mattresses, designed to cater to a wide range of sleepers, but are quite different under the covers. In this Saatva vs Bear comparison, we’ll look at both mattresses in more detail to help you decide which one is most suitable for you.

The Saatva Classic is a luxury innerspring hybrid and our top recommendation for the best mattress of 2024 having scored a near-perfect rating from our team of experts. It’s made from a combination of foams and coils, as is the Bear Elite Hybrid, although there are some quite different materials in each. There’s also a slight price difference between the two, with a Saatva queen mattress costing $1,995 at MSRP (usually on sale for $1,696) and a Bear queen costing $2,305 (but often discounted to $1,499).

In this Saatva vs Bear mattress comparison, looking at how each mattress compares in key areas and help you to work out which one will suit your sleeping style best. Now is also a good time to invest in a new mattress, as we’re starting to see early Presidents’ Day mattress sales discounts.

Saatva Classic vs Bear Elite Hybrid mattress: Specs

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Row 0 - Cell 0 Saatva Classic Bear Elite Hybrid
Type:Innerspring Hybrid
Firmness:3, 5-7, 8 out of 10 5, 6, 7 out of 10
Height:11.5” or 14.5” 14"
Trial perid:365 nights 120 nights
Warranty:Lifetime Lifetime
Price: From $1,295 (MSRP)From $1,893 (MSRP)

Saatva Classic vs Bear Elite Hybrid: Price & trial

  • Saatva regularly offer 12-15% off MSRP, or sometimes a tiered money-off system 
  • The Bear is also regularly discounted by around 30-35% 
  • Both have lifetime warranties, but Saatva offers a much longer sleep trial

If you're searching for the best hybrid mattress money can buy, Saatva and Bear should be top of your list. You’ll never pay MSRP for the Saatva, and you should expect 12-15% off, or we’ve sometimes seen tiered money-off deals where the discounts increase with the size of the bed.

Saatva vs Bear mattress image shows the Saatva Classic hybrid on a beige bedframe overlooking a sparkling blue pool

(Image credit: Saatva)

Even with these discounts, the Saatva is still in the premium bracket, but you can track discounts at our Saatva mattress sales page. It’s worth noting that the Twin size of the mattress isn’t always included in sales. You’ll usually be able to pick up a queen Saatva Classic for $1,696, which we think is a competitive price for an extremely luxurious innerspring hybrid. 

Regular Bear mattress sales mean that you can pretty much ignore full price on the Bear Elite Hybrid as well. You’ll generally find discounts of 30% or 35% - currently there’s 35% off and you get a free bedding bundle (pillows, a sheet set and a mattress protector) worth $400. This means that a queen mattress is reduced to $1,499. These are similar discounts to those we’ve seen during the Black Friday mattress sales, so there’s no need to hang on all year if you want to grab a Bear mattress.

In addition to price we also need to look at the length of mattress trials, mattress warranties and the type of shipping. There’s a bit of swings and roundabouts between the two brands here. Saatva offer a 365-night trial compared to the Bear’s 120-night, but both brands offer lifetime warranties. Shipping is free with both mattresses, but you’ll get free white glove delivery with the Saatva – this starts at $100 up with the Bear. And lastly, returns are free with the Bear, but you’ll pay $99 to return the Saatva.

How much can you expect to pay for these mattresses when they’re not on sale? Here’s our Saatva vs Bear price comparison:

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Row 0 - Cell 0 Saatva ClassicBear Elite Hybrid
Twin MSRP:$1,295$1,893
Twin XL MSRP: $1,395$1,960
Full MSRP:$1,895$2,108
Queen MSRP:$1,995$2,305
King MSRP:$2,495$2,762
Cal king MSRP:$2,495$2,762
Split king MSRP: $2,970$3,920
Split cal king MSRP: $2,970N/A

Saatva vs Bear price winner: Saatva
Although the Bear is sometimes cheaper with the larger discounts applied, we think the Saatva wins here with the mattress’ quality and extras. A generous 365-night trial, lifetime warranty and white glove delivery makes this an attractive package.

Saatva Classic vs Bear Elite Hybrid mattress: Design

  •  Both mattresses are luxury hybrids 
  •  The Saatva Classic has three firmness options and two heights 
  •  The Bear Elite Hybrid has two firmness options and one height 

The Saatva Classic is the best Saatva mattress for most sleepers and comes in two different heights (11.5” and 14.5”) and three different firmness options (Plush Soft, Luxury Firm and Firm). Underneath the 3” thick Euro pillow top (made with organic cotton and with zoned quilting in the middle for extra lumbar support), you’ll find a CertiPUR-US certified memory foam layer that’s specifically geared towards healthy spinal alignment. For people with chronic back pain, we suggest the RXD instead – read our Saatva RX review to learn why we rate it for back pain relief.

Image shows the Bear Elite Hybrid mattress on a beige bedframe placed next to a tall house plant

(Image credit: 3Z Brands for Tom's Guide)

Next up, a layer of individually wrapped 14.5-gauge recycled steel coils sit on top of a support base made up of 13-gauge tempered steel support coils. This is all wrapped up in a foam encasement around the perimeter to stabilize the whole mattress.

The Bear Elite comes in one height (14”) and starts with a hand quilted cover containing phase-change material (PCM), designed to absorb body heat and regulate temperature. It also contains Celliant fibers, with minerals crushed into it to make it infrared responsive. The idea is that the Celliant will boost circulation and improve cellular oxygenation, leading to faster physical recovery – this is why Bear particularly recommend their mattresses to athletes. 

The Celliant does mean that the cover isn’t particularly soft, although as this is going to be under a sheet and (as we’d recommend) a mattress protector, it’s not a huge thing to worry about. Up next is a layer of memory foam infused with copper to help with cooling, followed by a transition layer of more memory foam sitting on top of individually pocket coils. All the foams are also CertiPUR-US certified. The mattress is finished with a base of high-density foam. 

Saatva vs Bear design winner: Bear
Both mattresses are extremely well designed, with plenty of materials for comfort and lumbar support. But we think the addition of the Celliant fibers in the Bear just edges things, making this a mattress that can heal you as you sleep.

Saatva Classic vs Bear Elite Hybrid: Comfort & support

  • Both mattresses are available in three firmness options
  • Both have added lumbar support to reduce lower back pain
  • The Saatva comes in two different heights, the Bear comes in just one

The Saatva Classic is available in three firmness options and two heights (the only difference here is the height of the springs). We tested the Luxury Firm in our review, which is the brand’s most popular comfort level and is, according to Saatva, designed to suit all sleeping positions. Our testers certainly agreed that it was a comfortable choice for most sleepers, although lightweight side sleepers are likely to find it too firm.

In our review we found that the Luxury Firm offered great pressure relief, along with a fairly traditional innerspring mattress feel. This is a mattress that you sleep on top of, rather than sinking into. There’s good bounce from the coil system and the pillow top provides plenty of cushioning comfort.

Saatva vs Bear mattress image shows the Saatva Classic on a white background a

(Image credit: Saatva)

We rate the way this mattress keeps the spine aligned and you’ll also feel that your pressure points are kept cushioned. As far as the other options go, the Plush Soft is one of the best mattresses for side sleepers who will feel cushioned at their pressure points of hips and shoulders. At the other end of the scale the Firm mattress is one of top picks in our best firm mattresses round-up, and is ideally suited to those who enjoy a firm mattress, are of a heavier build or sleep on their fronts.

The Bear Elite Hybrid is also customizable, but customer reviews suggest that there isn’t a lot of difference between the three firmness options, with them all fitting roughly into the medium firmness scale. The quilted top has a cushioned, undulating feel with a slightly firmer layer underneath, meaning that whatever firmness rating you choose, the mattress always has good cushioning around the shoulders when you’re lying on your side. 

However, you’ll still get plenty of firm support under the hips if you’re lying on your front or back, making this a great mattress for all sleeping positions. The zoned springs and higher gauge coils in the center third of this mattress help to provide excellent lumbar support, and the Bear does an excellent job of keeping the spine aligned however you’re sleeping. 

The mattress provides good pressure relief and the Celliant fibers help to soothe aches and pains more quickly. Some customers do point out that the edge support on the Bear is poor, meaning you might struggle to spread right out to the edges of this mattress without experiencing a little sinkage. We also feel that this mattress probably isn’t firm enough for heavier bodies of over 250lbs.

Saatva vs Bear comfort and support winner: Saatva
Both mattresses might be customizable, but the Saatva offers three truly different options, plus two heights, to cater to a wider range of bodies than the Bear. We also think the luxury materials and additional lumbar support in the Saatva combine extremely well to provide a comfortable night’s sleep for every sleeper.

Saatva Classic vs Bear Elite Hybrid: Temperature control

  •  Both mattresses offer good temperature regulation 
  •  Saatva’s double layer of coils provides lots of space for air to circulate 
  •  The Bear’s cover has phase-change material (PCM) to help absorb body heat 

Saatva vs Bear mattress image shows the Bear Elite Hybrid Cooling Mattress from the side

(Image credit: Bear)

When we tested the Saatva Classic all our testers stayed cool and comfortable throughout the night. The Saatva has very little foam along with a double layer of coils creating plenty of space for airflow. There’s also a cotton cover that’s naturally breathable. 

The Bear Elite Hybrid has quite a few elements designed to help with temperature regulation. The cover contains PCM, which is specifically designed to absorb body heat and regulate temperature. Underneath is a layer of memory foam that’s infused with copper, also known for its cooling properties. Finally well-spaced individually pocketed coils help to encourage airflow through the mattress. 

Of course, neither mattress is a specialist cooling mattress so, if you’re a particularly hot sleeper, consider one of our best cooling mattresses to keep you comfy at night. 

Saatva vs Bear temperature control winner: Bear
Although both mattresses do a good job of keeping sleepers cool at night, the Bear Elite Hybrid contains materials that are specifically designed to aid temperature regulation. If you want a mattress that will cool you down at night, the Bear is the better option.

Saatva Classic vs Bear Elite Hybrid: Which should you buy?

Buy the Saatva Classic mattress if...

You suffer from back aches and pains: The Saatva Classic does an excellent job of keeping the spine perfectly aligned and there’s extra support in the lumbar region.

✅  You want a mattress that lasts: The high-quality materials in the Saatva feel like sleeping on a luxury hotel mattress and, despite being in the premium price bracket price wise, we think it’s actually very reasonably priced for the luxurious feel it gives.  

✅  You want the best customization options: The Saatva’s customization options give very different feels, allowing sleepers to choose the firmness that best suits their sleeping style. 

Buy the Bear Elite Hybrid mattress if...

✅   You have an active lifestyle: Bear mattresses are specifically designed for athletes and those who want to use their sleep for as much recovery as possible. The Celliant fibers in the cover boost circulation and help cells recover faster as you sleep. 

You’re a combination sleeper: With a soft upper level and slightly firmer tier underneath, the Bear is comfy in all positions and is easy to move about on. 

✅  You sleep hot: Although it won’t sleep as cool as a specialist cooling mattress, the Bear does an excellent job of keeping sleepers cool with PCM in the cover, copper infused foam and well-spaced coils.

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