Google Pixel Watch vs. Apple Watch 7: Biggest differences to expect

Google Pixel Watch vs. Apple Watch 7
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Though the Google Pixel Watch isn’t out yet, you might be wondering how the Google Pixel Watch vs. Apple Watch 7 compare.

The Apple Watch 7 is currently the best Apple Watch and best smartwatch around, giving iOS users an extension of their iPhone on their wrist. But soon, Pixel phone users (and the larger Android user population) will have a dedicated wearable, too.

While Wear OS 3 smartwatches still have a lot to prove, the Pixel Watch could be a game-changer and become the best smartwatch for Android yet. Whether it’ll beat the Apple Watch remains to be seen, so here’s what we know about the Google Pixel Watch vs. Apple Watch 7 for now.

Google Pixel Watch vs. Apple Watch 7: Price and availability

The Pixel Watch rumored price is a mystery, since Google hasn't given us a clue about the cost yet. That said, we got a tip from Twitter user Yogesh Brar, who said the Pixel Watch will cost between $300 and $400. An earlier rumor suggested a $400 Pixel Watch price tag. Another leak says Google's debut smartwatch will come in two sizes and at least four watch band options, too. It's unclear if that includes LTE versions.

Meanwhile, the Apple Watch 7 starts at $399 for the 41mm GPS-only model and $429 for the 45mm GPS-only model. There are LTE versions for a premium, too. The smartwatch was announced alongside the iPhone 13 series and is available now; however, it's possible that by the time the Pixel Watch is released, the Series 7 will be replaced by the Apple Watch 8.

Google Pixel Watch vs. Apple Watch 7: Design

Our first real look at the Google Pixel Watch design shows off rounded face with a digital crown on the right side, and a pair of buttons as well. For now, we know it's coming in a silver or grey finish, though no clue as to other colors. We think the Pixel Watch's design makes it a rather clean and minimalist smartwatch, somewhat following the design language of other Pixel devices. Interchangeable bands, meanwhile, could offer users a bit of customization.

The Apple Watch Series 7 is actually curvier compared to previous Apple Watch models, though it's a squircle rather than a true circle like he Pixel Watch. But unless you look at the Apple Watch 7 vs. Apple Watch 6, you might not notice a big difference. Notably, the Apple Watch 7's display is up to 20% bigger than the Apple Watch 6's. With a tiny 1.7mm bezel, the Apple Watch looks a lot more significant, even though the new Apple Watch7  sizes are just a hair larger. It has a digital crown and one side button.

Multiple Apple Watch 7 colors and swappable bands lets users personalize the smartwatch. And since it's been around longer, there are many more Apple Watch accessories on the market than Pixel Watch ones.

Google Pixel Watch vs. Apple Watch 7: Features

As of this writing, we know very little about what the Pixel Watch will do, beyond that it'll run Wear OS and be loaded apps like Google Assistant, Google Maps and the new Google Wallet with IDs announced with Android 13

It's exciting to know the Pixel Watch will also borrow from Google's Fitbit acquisition to include workout tracking, sleep tracking and stress tracking. However, we'll be looking to see if it can rival the Apple Watch 7's fitness features and sensors. The Apple Watch has SpO2, heart rate and ECG sensors among other tools like fall detection, noise alerts, period tracking and an altimeter.

The Apple Watch 7 ships with watchOS 8, though it'll also support the watchOS 9 software update when it comes out. Android users can't use the Apple Watch, but as it turns out, iPhone users can't use the Pixel Watch, so both wearables are tailored to their respective product ecosystems.

Google Pixel Watch vs. Apple Watch 7: Battery life

What we know about the Google Pixel Watch battery life comes from rumors. 9to5Google sources say the Pixel Watch’s battery capacity will be 300 mAh, though that doesn't mean much. If we had to guess, the Pixel Watch battery life with regular use will max out at about two days. That could make the Google Pixel Watch vs Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 similar.

The Apple Watch 7 vs. Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 differ in battery life, as the Apple Watch doesn't last more than a day without needing to be recharged. The Apple Watch 7 fast charging lets the smartwatch spend less time on your nightstand, though.

Google Pixel Watch vs. Apple Watch 7: Outlook

Given both the Google Pixel Watch vs. Apple Watch 7 only work with their compatible software ecosystems, there won't be a big question about which you'll want to buy. Besides, as mentioned earlier the Apple Watch 7 might not be on the market by the time the Pixel Watch becomes available. 

Still, the Pixel Watch is shaping up to be the ultimate accessory for the Google Pixel 7 and more of the best Android phones. Who knows? The Pixel Watch could even convince me to ditch iPhone for Android. Only time will tell what the best smartwatch of the year will be.

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