There may be a second Pixel Watch coming — the Pixel Watch Fit

Google Pixel Watch leak
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Update: There may actually be three Pixel Watch models on the way, if this listing from Bluetooth SIG is anything to go by

Just in case you hadn’t had enough Pixel Watch leaks over the past couple of days, there’s a brand new rumor floating around. According to this new rumor there may be a second Pixel Watch in the works, a sport-focussed device called the Pixel Watch Fit.

This comes from leaker @VNchocoTaco on Twitter, though they admit that ‘Pixel Watch Fit’ could also be the name of the ordinary Pixel Watch that’s been rumored for quite some time. The watch is described as having thick bezels, and a price tag of around $400. 

Another leaker, @chuvn8888, also claims to have heard this name, but didn’t specify any other details. Render artist @ianzelbo mentioned having seen aluminum and stainless steel versions of the Pixel Watch, and speculates that the aluminum model could be the Pixel Watch Fit. Neither corroborated any other rumors, including the price, which is what has me the most concerned.

$400 would be a steep price

Google Pixel Watch prototype

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$400 is a lot to ask for a smartwatch, and that sort of price tag would make the Pixel Watch Fit $1 more expensive than the cheapest Apple Watch 7. There are more expensive Apple Watches, as is Apple’s way, since the company is well known for its premium pricing. Apple also has a great deal of customer loyalty to fall back on, and several generations of wearables showcasing what it can do.

Meanwhile, Google’s only experience in the wearables business is Fitbit — an acquired business rather than one the company built from the ground up. In other words, Google has a lot to prove, and a potential $400 price tag is not going to do it any favors.

The important thing to remember right now is that these are all unverified rumors. That means they may end up being completely bogus, and there’s no way of telling until Google actually announces the Pixel Watch (or Watches). Currently that’s rumored to happen at Google I/O 2022, which kicks off on May 11.

Pixel Watch: what we learned from the restaurant leak

In the meantime, we’ve seen a bunch of pictures of what’s alleged to be a Pixel Watch, supposedly left behind at a restaurant. There’s nothing overly surprising about the device from the outside, with a diameter of around an inch and a half and a thickness of half an inch. However, since the battery was dead there’s no telling what kind of UI or software the alleged Pixel Watch has.

We did see a charging system that looks similar to what Fitbit offers, as well as a crown that's similar to the Apple Watch, plus a couple of buttons. The leaker went on Reddit for an AMA, so you can go there for more details. 

To keep up to date be sure to visit our Google Pixel Watch hub, which has all the latest rumors and leaks in one place.

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