Whoa! AT&T has the iPhone XR for just $150 right now

iPhone XR
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The iPhone XR may have dropped in price since the iPhone 11 arrived this fall. But that's not stopping retailers and carriers from further slashing prices on Apple's now-$599 phone for holiday shoppers.

If you find the iPhone XR's multiple color options and lower price tag appealing, the best deal on this 2018 phone can currently be found at AT&T. Agree to 30 months of service with the carrier, and you can pick up an iPhone XR for $5 a month. That means you'll ultimately pay just $150 for the iPhone XR, a savings of around $450.

iPhone XR: Was $20 a month, now $5 a month @AT&T

iPhone XR: Was $20 a month, now $5 a month @AT&T
Agree to 30 months of service with AT&T, and you can get an iPhone XR for a lower monthly fee, that lets you save $450 on the phone over time.

Note that you receive your discount in the form of monthly bill credits spread out over 30 months. Leave AT&T early, and you're on the hook for the balance of the phone.

Still, AT&T's offer is an appealing deal, as it requires no trade in or opening an additional line of data. (You do have to sign up for one of AT&T unlimited data plans.) Other iPhone XR deals right now have more restrictions.

T-Mobile currently offers the iPhone XR for free, but you need to trade in an eligible iPhone (an iPhone 8 or later) and activate a new line of data with the carrier. Sprint will cut your monthly payment on the iPhone XR from $25 to $10 when you sign up for an 18-month Sprint Flex lease, but that deal will expire once supplies run out. And you can save $100 on the iPhone XR at Best Buy when you activate the phone with AT&T, Sprint or Verizon.

Though it's a a year old, the iPhone XR remains one of the best iPhones and best phones overall, as its A12 Bionic processor can still outperform many newer Android devices. The iPhone XR has only one rear camera as opposed to the two lenses on the iPhone 11, but Apple's camera software allows it to take some pretty impressive shots. And the iPhone XR lasted nearly 11.5 hours on our battery test, which is much better than the average smartphone.

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