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Best iPhone 11 Deals: Best Prices on iPhone 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max

iPhone 11 deals
(Image credit: Tom's Guide)

The new iPhone 11 is officially here. Apple's new flagships start at $699, but the good news is that retailers from Walmart to Apple are offering exciting iPhone 11 deals. (Not sure which model to get? Check out our iPhone 11 review, iPhone 11 Pro review, and iPhone 11 Pro Max review for our full take on Apple's new phones). 

Some of the best deals we're currently seeing require a trade-in. The Apple Store, for instance, has an iPhone trade-in program that offers from $45 for an iPhone SE to $600 for an iPhone XS Max. (I personally traded my iPhone 6s at an Apple Store last year and the process was seamless).  

However, if you don't have a smartphone to trade in — or if you'd rather sell it to the highest bidder — Sam's Club is offering a $150 Sam's Club gift card with the purchase and activation of any iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, or iPhone 11 Pro Max. Other noteworthy iPhone 11 deals include:  


Walmart is taking $50 off all iPhone 11 models when you preorder through their site. You'll pay $649 for the iPhone 11, $949 for the iPhone 11 Pro, and $1,049 for the iPhone 11 Pro Max. It's the best dollar-off iPhone 11 sale we've seen so far. The landing page says $100 off, but it's actually $50 off Apple's direct price.

Best Buy

Best Buy is taking up to $550 off all iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max preorders. To qualify for the discounts, you'll need to trade in an old phone and activate your new iPhone via Best Buy. Eligible phones run the gamut from the iPhone 5 ($5 credit) to the iPhone XS Max ($550 credit).

Sam's Club

Sam's Club is known for offering generous gift cards whenever a new flagship comes out and they're at it again with Apple's new iPhones. Customers who preorder the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, or iPhone 11 Pro Max will receive a $150 gift card with their purchase. Customers must also activate their iPhone on an installment plan by November 8. The deal will be valid for iPhones purchased on all major carriers. 


Verizon has quite a few iPhone 11 deals up its virtual sleeve. First, you can get up to $500 off any new iPhone with an eligible trade-in. (Eligible phones for the $500 credit include everything from the iPhone XS Max to the Google Pixel 2). Plus, if you switch to Verizon on Unlimited, you'll also get a $200 prepaid MasterCard via coupon code "SEPTSWITCH200". In theory, that means select customers would be able to get an iPhone 11 for free after a $500 credit (spread out over 24 months) and with Verizon's $200 prepaid MasterCard. The one catch is that you'll need to sign up for one of Verizon's unlimited plans, which start at $70/mo. 


T-Mobile has two excellent trade-in deals for potential iPhone 11 buyers. The best part is that the deals apply to everyone, including new customers, current customers, family plans, and single lines. 

The first offer takes up to 50% off the iPhone 11 with an eligible iPhone trade-in. Eligible iPhones for trade-in include the iPhone 7 (which gets you a $350 credit) through the iPhone XS Max (which gets you a $550 credit). Naturally, the phones must be in good condition to get the max credit.   

T-Mobile is offering the same savings/credits if you opt for one of the iPhone 11 Pro models


Sprint is offering the iPhone 11 for $0/mo. when you trade in your iPhone 7 (or newer iPhone) in any condition and sign up for Sprint's 18-month Flex Lease program. Eligible trade-in phones also include the Galaxy S9, Pixel 3, and LG G8. (You can see the full list here). Sprint also has the iPhone 11 Pro for $12.50/mo. and the iPhone 11 Pro Max for $16.67/mo. Both require a trade-in and Sprint Flex Lease


AT&T is one of the few carriers with a BOGO offer on Apple's new iPhones. For a limited time, AT&T customers who add a new line of service and purchase a new iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, or iPhone 11 Pro Max will get a free iPhone 11. Keep in mind that both iPhones must be purchased via an installment plan and each phone must include an unlimited data plan. 

Xfinity Mobile

Through October 27, consumers who purchase a new iPhone, activate a new line, and port their number to Xfinity Mobile will get a $250 prepaid Visa card. The promo is valid on the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max

Boost Mobile

Sprint-operated Boost Mobile will get all three new iPhones starting the week of September 23. Even better, each iPhone will be $100 off. That means you'll pay $599 for the Boost Mobile Phone 11, $899 for the Boost Mobile iPhone 11 Pro, and the Boost Mobile iPhone 11 Pro Max for $999.

In addition, customers who make the switch to Boost Mobile from a competing network can get four lines with unlimited data, talk, and text for only $25 per month per line. 

Otherwise, current Boost Mobile customers on a monthly plan who have made at least 12 consecutive on-time payments may be eligible to purchase the latest iPhones through BoostUP.