Horizon Forbidden West on PS5 just got its first discount — and this trick will save you an extra $10

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It’s been a strong year for Sony’s next-gen console so far. PS5 restocks are getting easier to find, and a slew of high-quality games have launched including flagship exclusives Horizon Forbidden West and Gran Turismo 7. If you’ve yet to enjoy these must-play titles, or only picked up your PS5 recently, your patience has paid off as they’ve just gone on sale for the first time ever. 

Right now, Horizon Forbidden West on PS5 is on sale for $49 at Amazon. That’s $20 off its regular price of $69, and a bargain for one of the best PS5 games currently available. However, if you want to save even more money, Horizon Forbidden West on PS4 is $39 at Amazon. Even better, it comes with a free upgrade to the PS5 version of the game, just pop the PS4 disc into your PS5 console and you’ll have the option to play the full next-gen version of the game. 

Similarly, for a limited time, Gran Turismo 7 on PS5 is on sale for $49 at Amazon. That’s a saving of $20 compared to its previous price of $69. While the PS4 version of Gran Turismo 7 is also on sale for $39, unfortunately, this one doesn’t come with a free PS5 upgrade. So, if you want the next-gen version of the game you will need to ensure you buy the slightly more expensive PS5 edition.   

Horizon Forbidden West: was $69 now $49 @ Amazon

Horizon Forbidden West: was $69 now $49 @ Amazon
The sequel to 2017's Horizon Zero Dawn, join Aloy on her most dangerous quest yet as she ventures to distant lands in Horizon Forbidden West. Once you've journeyed to the West, you'll meet new allies and engage in strategic battles against upgraded machines using a diverse collection of weapons. Horizon Forbidden West on PS4 is also on sale for $39 and comes with a free upgrade to the PS5 version of the game. 

Gran Turismo 7: was $69 now $49 @ Amazon

Gran Turismo 7: was $69 now $49 @ Amazon
Sony's best-selling racing simulation series returns on the PS5, and it looks and plays better than ever. Featuring stunning digital recreations of some of the world's most iconic cars, Gran Turismo 7 takes realism to a whole new level. It's also bursting with content with an impressive suite of single-player and online modes that will keep you racing around the game's many gorgeous tracks for dozens of hours.  

Horizon Forbidden West is the long-anticipated follow-up to 2017’s Horizon Zero Dawn, it sees Aloy return to battle against a whole new horde of robot creatures and venture to an uncharted land as well. It’s one of the PS5’s best-looking games and offers dozens of hours of play. In our Editor’s Choice Horizon Forbidden West review, we called it “an exceptionally crafted sequel, delivering a thrilling open-world experience that fans of the original game will love.” 

Meanwhile, Gran Turismo 7 is the latest entry in Sony’s long-running racing simulation series. In our glowing Gran Turisomo 7 review, we called it “the pinnacle of simulation racing, with a wide array of vehicles, customization options and experiences that both newbies and series veterans will enjoy.” We particularly praised the stunning graphics and the wealth of modern touches that enhance, but don’t fundamentally change, the series’ classic formula. 

Both these games deserve a place in any PS5 library, and both will keep you entertained for months to come. In fact, Horizon Forbidden West and Gran Turismo 7 are the perfect way to fill the time until the release of Sony’s next blockbuster exclusive, God of Ragnarok, in November. 

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