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If you're a heavy internet user such as a gamer, streamer or remote worker, it's safe to say that investing in a great value NBN 250 plan is paramount. In Australia, NBN tiers start at Basic I (12Mbps) and end at Ultrafast (1,000Mbps), but most households and businesses land somewhere within the sweet spot between NBN 50 and NBN 250 plans. 

If you have the right NBN connection type to support 250Mbps — FTTP and HFC connections — making the switch will skyrocket your online experience beyond that of any NBN 50 or NBN 100 plan. Recently, we've seen several NBN 250 plans get massive price cuts, with most costing around the same as an average 100Mbps plan. 

Here at Tom's Guide, we're committed to finding you the best deal on your NBN plan, and this iiNet plan is definitely one to note. Recently, we've noticed that iiNet has cut down its Liimitless NBN 250 plan by a massive AU$30p/m, with the price now retailing at AU$99p/m. That new and improved price is around AU$10 below the average 250Mbps plan cost, making it all the more worth it. 

This iiNet deal costs the same as an average NBN 100 plan, but with 2.5x the speeds, making it a persuasive option if you’re considering upgrading to faster home internet speeds. iiNet's pricing on this plan is basically on par with Superloop's NBN 250 plan, costing 99c more per month after initial discounts end. Also, the iiNet plan's first-year cost of AU$1,199.88 is well under the average of AU$1,274.57 for the 250Mbps tier, giving you AU$74.69 that you can spend somewhere else.

Despite not offering an introductory discount, this plan from a well-known telco is still competitive when all aspects — like speed and yearly costs — are considered. 

iiNet | NBN 250 | Unlimited Data | No lock-in contract | AU$99.99p/m

iiNet | NBN 250 | Unlimited Data | No lock-in contract | AU$99.99p/m

Advertising 232Mbps across the typical evening hours, this iiNet plan is hard to beat. It recently had its price cut by AU$30, which has made it very competitively priced compared to other providers NBN 250 offerings. The only caveat is that, like all NBN 250 plans, this iiNet one’s only available for addresses with HFC or FTTP connections. 

Total minimum cost: AU$99 | Yearly cost: AU$1,199.88

When it comes to advertised speeds, iiNet doesn't quite reach the NBN 250 tier’s theoretical maximum of 250Mbps downloads. It's worth noting that only four telcos do advertise the max speeds of this tier, however — that’s AGL, Swoop, Southern Phone, and Telstra — with most providers advertising speeds between the 200Mbps and 240Mbps mark. 

According to quarterly ACCC data, iiNet does offer consistently good performance, reaching 99.7% of advertised speeds across all hours of the day. Considering only a handful of ISPs managed a perfect 100% score, we reckon only being 0.3% off is a pretty mean feat. 

While there can be some noticeable discrepancies in speeds on this tier, it's essential to read between the lines if you're after a 250Mbps plan. We recommend choosing a plan with at least 230Mbps — and that's another reason why this iiNet deal is a winner for us. 

Another value factor of this plan is the number of extras you can get with it. The most important one is arguably the potential to bundle a high-speed NBN modem with 4G backup for no extra cost. The plans we recommend don't always come with a modem as standard, which can cause some upfront costs to go up if you don't already have one. 

Plus, this modem's 4G backup will help keep you online if you experience any outages or interruptions to your service. Keep in mind, though, that to get the modem for free you will need to remain connected with iiNet for 24 months. If you decide to switch to another provider, you'll pay AU$8p/m for any time left remaining on the plan for the modem, up to a maximum of AU$192 (i.e. what you’d pay if you leave after the first month). 

Other optional iiNet perks also include a Pay-As-You-Go phone calls pack for no extra charge and a Fetch Mini 4K streaming box for AU$0 for 24 months, then AU$5p/m thereafter, if you're keen to boost your home entertainment setup. (Do note, you'll need to pay AU$99.99 upfront if you bundle your NBN plan with Fetch.)

If you don't need superfast speeds but you’re still keen on iiNet, check out their full range of home NBN plans in the widget below. 

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