Porsche Car Chase Ensues Because of PlayStation

Gamers love their games. I'm one of them, but I'm not quite as dedicated to my hobby as 42-year-old Darren Suchon from Lehigh township, Northampton County, Pennsylvania.

Suchon was living with his then-girlfriend Colleen Frable, who we can assume was supporting him. Suchon was unemployed and spent the days doing what we all would like to do – playing video games.

Frable wasn't pleased at how he spent his days, so one morning she unplugged his PlayStation (news reports don't make clear which generation), and took it with her to work.

Suchon wasn't having any of that, so he got into Frable's other car, a 1996 gold Porsche, chased her down, forced her off the road after rear-ending her.

Police arrived at the scene to arrest Suchon, who said he "didn't know what the big deal was."

He told police, "I just wanted the game, I would never hurt her. I just wanted the game."

Source: The Morning Call via Kotaku

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  • icepick314

    why did that woman kept supporting that loser with house, food, PlayStation, and a Porsche?

    if I were her, that bum would have seen the street in a week at max...
  • dude846
    I need to find me a sugar momma, with a playstation AND a high-performance car under the same roof.
  • Rhynn
    Pics of the woman please. Because if she's hot, life isn't fair.
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  • rubix_1011
    I'm surprised they put Porsche and Playstation in the same sentence. Wasn't Porsche one of the manufacturers that didn't allow Gran Turismo to use their name and wouldn't license to them, so they had to use the 'Ruf' performance moniker, instead?
  • hairycat101
    Fist line, second sentance, really really really needs the "not" that is missing for the sentance to make since. Please fix this.
  • utengineer
    Get a job, hippy!

    This is just another one of the many stories that shows us how gaming is a very addictive hobby. It just consumes some people to the point they lose touch with reality and make poor decisions that adversely effect their lives.