How to Listen to Spotify Offline Using Your iPhone

Spotify's desktop client is great for rocking the Beeb when you're stuck behind a desk at work, but eventually you're going to want to take your collection on the road. Here's how to have all your tunes on hand even when you're offline by syncing your Spotify playlists on your iPhone.

What You'll Need

  • A Spotify Premium Account (check out our guide on how to get a no-strings free trial of Spotify Premium)
  • An iPhone running iOS 5.0 or later.

Getting Spotify Up and Running On Your iPhone

1. Install Spotify on your iPhone. The official app by Spotify Ltd. will be the first result when you search "Spotify" in the App Store.

2. Launch Spotify on your iPhone.

3. Tap "Login here" at the bottom of the welcome screen.

4. Log in to your Spotify Premium account. You can log in with the Facebook account connected to your phone or with your Spotify login details (email and password).

Now that you have Spotify set up on your iPhone, the next step is syncing your playlists for offline listening.

Syncing Your Spotify Collection For Offline Access

1. Bring up Spotify's left side menu. You can access this menu from any screen on the app by swiping your finger from the left side of the screen to the right.

2. Tap "Playlists" on the left side menu.

3. Tap "Edit" at the top of the Playlist screen. This will give you the option to sync any of your playlists to your phone by clicking the round arrow icon next to the playlist name.

4. Tap the arrow icon next to any of the playlists you would like to sync to your phone for offline listening. Once the sync finishes, a green tringle with a white arrow will appear over the playlist and each track contained therein. This indicates the tracks are available to be played even when you're phone isn't connected to the internet.

While you're in a playlist, Spotify also gives you the option to simply flip a switch at the top of the playlist labeled "Available Offline".

A word of warning before you start syncing each of your hundreds of Spotify playlists with reckless abandon. Once you've synced a track to your phone, you cannot easily delete the data it takes to store that music on your phone. Even if you switch the "Available Offline" slider to "Off", the track is still taking up space on your phone, so that if you make the track available offline again you don't need to re-sync it. Even deleting the song from your Spotify library will not get rid of the cached data. The only way to get rid of a synced song's data is to uninstall the Spotify app. This is just another example of Spotify's very strange approach to usability.

Now that you know how to sync your music, you're free to enjoy your playlists on the beach, on the subway, or in that annoying cafe that doesn't have free wi-fi. Enjoy!

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