AT&T Admits to Sub-par 3G Service in NYC, SF

AT&T's received a lot of flak from both its customer base as well as its main competitor Verizon over the quality of the iPhone-carrying cellular network. Most of the time, AT&T is doing some form of damage control with the help of Luke Wilson; but at the company's recent earnings call, the subject of improving network quality was a big one.

Specifically, AT&T revealed in a presentation slide that 3G Voice Composite Quality in high-usage areas such as New York City and San Francisco were below the company's performance objective. On the bright side, AT&T's slide shows that service quality has steadily improved since last fall.

For those of you in high-usage areas, are you seeing the turnaround that AT&T describes on its slide?

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  • RooD
    ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||amount spent on Luke Wilson
    ||||||||amount spent on infrastructure
  • godwhomismike
    I love sitting on the bus in traffic on the BQE by the Battery Tunnel on the Brooklyn side, and looking at this giant AT&T Fastest 3G billboard sign, and having no service whatsoever on my iPhone. You'd think they would've placed that sign in a spot where there was actually AT&T 3G service, and not in a giant dead zone.
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  • captaincharisma
    so does this mean they are going to stop there attack ads on Verizon? no chance
  • lunyone
    SHOCKER!! What about the coverage map thing that they are trying to change (vs. Verizon)??
  • Jazzmain
    I understand that every big company will have their share of problems now and again but AT&T seems to be having more than what I would call acceptable as a business model. No one company is perfect but they seem to as of lately to not even fall into the category of acceptable.