Saatva launches its luxuriously thick Contour5 Mattress with next-generation cooling technology — and it's already 15% off

The new Saatva Contour5 Mattress in a modern, well-lit bedroom
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Luxury sleep brand Saatva has created a brand new memory foam mattress to surpass the Loom & Leaf as its flagship all-foam bed. Designed to improve on the Loom & Leaf in terms of cooling tech and pressure relief, the Contour5 Mattress is now 15% off and already down to $2,546 for a queen.

The Contour5 Mattress is brought to you by the brand behind the world-beating Saatva Classic, which tops this year's official best mattress guide. Unlike the hybrid Classic, this new model is part of the brand's Memory Foam range, with its all-foam construction designed to give body-hugging support.

Saatva Contour5 Mattress specs

Release date: June 2024
Sizes: 7 (twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, Cal king, split king) Warranty: 2 years
Trial: 30 nights

This body-contouring pressure relief comes from its premium high-density 5lb foam (which is where the name, Contour5, originates) with its luxuriously thick structure built to be durable and prevent sagging. You can also customize your comfort as the Contour5 Mattress comes in two firmness levels: Medium (5-7/10) and Firm (8).

While memory foam is prone to trapping heat, the Contour5 Mattress uses next-generation cooling technology in the form of gel infusions, airflow channels, a breathable knit cover, and a heat-dissipating phase change material. 

The Contour5 sits in the premium price bracket but is already 15% off ahead of this year's 4th of July mattress sales. Like all Saatva mattresses, you can expect some incredibly generous extras with the purchase of this model: free in-room delivery and setup, a year-long sleep trial, a lifetime warranty, and free mattress and foundation removal. 

Saatva Contour5 Mattress: was from $1,895 now $1,611 at Saatva

Saatva Contour5 Mattress: was from $1,895 now $1,611 at Saatva
The latest memory foam mattress from Saatva is already 15% off, with a queen reduced from $2,995 down to $2,546. The biggest saving comes with the split king size, which is $598 off. In addition to these savings, you also get free white glove delivery a one-year sleep trial, and a lifetime warranty. 

Saatva Contour5 Mattress: Price 

The Contour5 is a luxury mattress with a luxury price tag. As the Contour5 is designed to be an upgrade from the Loom & Leaf, it is slightly more expensive than the original flagship foam bed, too. Here's the MSRPs of the Contour5:

  • Contour5 Mattress twin: $1,895
  • Contour5 Mattress twin XL: $1,995
  • Contour5 Mattress full: $2,795
  • Contour5 Mattress queen: $2,995
  • Contour5 Mattress king: $3,595
  • Contour5 Mattress split king: $3,990
  • Contour5 Mattress Cal king: $3,595

These prices may be in premium territory, but there's always a Saatva mattress sale on to take down the price. Currently, there's a 15% off discount on all sizes and models, but there's been even bigger savings in the past. (Our favourite was the sale that took $650 off all mattresses over $1,500.) Plus, the extras are incredibly generous: free white glove delivery, a 365-night sleep trial, and a lifetime warranty. The only downside is that there's a fee for returns. 

So how does its price compare to other mattresses? Well, the Contour5 sits somewhere in the middle. It's not as expensive as best smart mattress Solaire or the organic latex Zenhaven, but not as cheap as the Memory Foam Hybrid or the children's range. 

Saatva Contour5 Mattress: Features

You can expect a lot more features and benefits from the Contour5 than Loom & Leaf, including firmness options, more advance cooling tech, and an extra layer. It's also 0.5" thicker than the Loom & Leaf, standing at 12.5 inches tall.

The top two layers are designed to offer adaptive cooling comfort and support. Our Saatva Loom & Leaf mattress review found that, while the Loom & Leaf is one of the best memory foam mattresses for back pain, it is prone to trapping heat. So, hopefully the addition of next-generation adaptive cooling will be a vast improvement on the Loom & Leaf's temperature regulation. 

The first layer is 2"thick and features the brand's trademark CoolVent System. This cooling feature consists of phase change material (PCM), a NASA-developed cooling fabric designed to absorb heat and conduct it away from your body. Along with keeping the sleep surface cool, this layer also contains Saatva's Lumbar Zone PCM Matrix to support your lumbar region by keeping the foam cool and therefore firmer and more supportive. 

The layers of the Saatva Contour5 Mattress

(Image credit: Saatva)

The second layer is 1.5" tall and features high-density 4lb foam infused with cooling gel and airflow channels designed to boost breathability and keep hot sleepers cool. The thick memory foam is also built to provide body-contouring pressure relief and support.

Up next is a body-hugging core made from 3" of ultra-premium 5lb memory foam. Its high density is to deliver excellent pressure relief, ensure maximum durability, and prevent body indentation from forming. This is followed by a 2" transition layer which allows you to choose you firmness level: Medium or Firm. Choose medium if you're a side sleeper, back sleeper, or combination sleeper, while stomach sleepers and those who weigh over 230lbs should go for Firm.

These layers are supported by the 6" high-density foam base, which provides optimal edge support and stability. At the top sits an organic cotton knit cover treated with an antimicrobial treatment for a clean, hypoallergenic sleep. The smooth, breathable cover is designed to be cool and allows for a more memory foam feel than the Loom and Leaf's quilted top. Underneath is a fiberglass-free flame barrier, so you can enjoy a sleep that's both comfortable and non-toxic. 

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