DreamCloud vs DreamCloud Premier Rest mattress: both are 50% off today, but which is best for you?

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DreamCloud has launched an epic 50% off flash sale — but which DreamCloud mattress should you buy? DreamCloud are renowned for creating mattresses that punch way beyond their price tag in terms of comfort and luxury, and the DreamCloud Hybrid and the DreamCloud Premier Rest are two of their most popular models. 

While the DreamCloud Hybrid Mattress ranks highly in our best mattress 2024 guide, the DreamCloud Premier Rest is the brand’s thickest, most luxe mattress, thanks to its plush pillow top. Both are 50% off in an early Presidents’ Day mattress sale — so how do you choose between them? 

Here, we’ll walk you through the key differences between the DreamCloud Hybrid and DreamCloud Premier Rest, exploring price, comfort and support. Let’s get started. 

DreamCloud vs DreamCloud Premier Rest: Price

DreamCloud has launched a huge 50% off flash sale, which has slashed the price of all their mattresses by up to half price. This brings the price of a queen size DreamCloud Hybrid mattress down to $665 from $1,332. Evergreen DreamCloud sales means that this mattress is usually on sale for $799, so this is an excellent price on a mattress that already boasts outstanding comfort at an incredibly competitive price.

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The Premier Rest is DreamCloud’s most premium model, and its price reflects that (it's double the price of the DreamCloud Hybrid mattress). However, DreamCloud’s 50% off flash sale drives the price of a queen size DreamCloud Premier Rest mattress down to $1,249 from $2,499. It’s a great discount, but is still significantly more expensive than the DreamCloud Hybrid (we’ll explore what you get for your money in finer detail below).

DreamCloud mattresses come with some of the best benefits within the industry, including a 365 night sleep trial, a lifetime warranty and free and fast shipping. This new early Presidents’ Day mattress sale also includes a huge discount on a bedding bundle, where you can buy two cooling pillows, a sheet set and a mattress protector for $149 instead of $599.

DreamCloud vs DreamCloud Premier Rest: Comfort and support

The DreamCloud mattress features in many of our best mattress buying guides, including the best Hybrid mattress and best mattress in a box guide, due to its outstanding build quality and comfort levels. During our DreamCloud Mattress review, we were impressed with its pressure-relieving support which helped soothe aches and pains.  

DreamCloud Premier Rest mattress

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In terms of firmness, we rated this mattress as an 8 out of 10 (which is a little firmer than DreamCloud’s rating of 6.5 out of 10), which places it in the medium-firm category. As a medium-firm mattress, the DreamCloud Hybrid will support most sleeping positions, but side sleepers and heavier weight sleepers will glean most benefit. 

We haven’t yet had the opportunity to conduct a review of the DreamCloud Premier Rest. However, its cashmere Euro Top cover and additional gel-infused memory foam layer tells us that this is a mattress designed for soothing pressure relief, particularly for side sleepers. DreamCloud rates the Premier Rest as a 6 out of 10 for firmness, which is a touch softer than its rating for the DreamCloud Hybrid mattress.  

Given its softer sleep surface (the the presence of a plush Euro Top cover, the DreamCloud Premier Rest may be unsuitable for stomach sleepers. 

DreamCloud vs DreamCloud Premier Rest: Design

As a hybrid, the DreamCloud mattress is crafted from a combination of coils and foam. It’s 12” deep and is made up of eight different layers, including two inches of memory foam, which provide pressure relieving support and help cradle the spine in correct alignment. 

A breakdown of the DreamCloud materials and desigm

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At 14” deep, the DreamCloud Premier Rest mattress is two inches deeper than the original DreamCloud hybrid mattress. The extra height is largely down to the presence of the cashmere Euro Top, which is an extra padded layer sewn into the top of the mattress, which provides a luxuriously soft sleep surface. 

Similarly to the DreamCloud hybrid mattress, the Premier Rest is made up of eight different layers. However, the memory foam layer is 4 inches thick for ultimate pressure relief. Does the presence of the Euro Top cover and extra memory foam warrant the price hike? We haven't yet conducted a review, but verified customer reviews indicate that its cloud-like softness combined with the robust support is a winner. 

DreamCloud vs DreamCloud Premier Rest: Performance

As hybrid mattresses, there’s a certain amount of natural cooling provided by both the mattresses’ individually wrapped coils, which improve the overall breathability of a mattress. During our DreamCloud Hybrid review, we found that the mattress slept comfortably cool, which could also be in part due to its cashmere blend cover. 

Although we haven’t yet reviewed the Premier rest, there is potential that the plush Euro Top cover and extra thick layer of memory foam could trap heat. However, verified customer reviews suggest that the Premier Rest sleeps comfortably cool. 

Both mattresses’ provide excellent motion isolation (which is great news for couples and restless sleepers) but we found during our DreamCloud Hybrid review that edge support could have been better. 

DreamCloud vs DreamCloud Premier Rest: Which should you buy?

Buy the DreamCloud Hybrid mattress if... 

You have a smaller budget: The DreamCloud Hybrid is half the price of the Premier Rest, which is DreamCloud's premium product.

You're of a heavier build: While it can take a couple of weeks for the DreamCloud to soften for average weight sleepers, we found that heavier weight sleepers found immediate comfort and support. 

You're a restless sleeper: Excellent motion isolation means that couples and restless sleepers can rest comfortably without being disturbed by every toss and turn. 

Buy the DreamCloud Premier Rest if... 

You have deeper pockets: The Premier Rest is almost double the price of the DreamCloud Hybrid mattress (but is still reasonably priced compared to other mattress of similar spec), but could be worth if if you're a side sleeper looking for pressure-relieving support. 

You like a plush pillow top: the presence of a plush cashmere Euro Top cover makes for a luxurious, cloud-like sleep surface. 

You have aches and pains: The Premier rest has four inches of memory foam, which work to provide blissful pressure relief and correct spine alignment. 

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