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Wind Energy Charges Your Cell Phone

Tired of wasting electricity and piling up your electricity bill with your arsenal of electronic gadgets? If you are then Lance Cassidy's AERO E may be the perfect gadget for you. Using the power of the very free and wireless wind outside your home, the AERO E charges your electronic devices on a stylish charging pad.

Cassidy's concept is not only stylish and green, it's also wonderfully simple. The AERO E collects wind energy via the turbine attached to the outside of your window which is then used to charge your mobile device. Of course the AERO E's effectiveness will then vary dependent on the wind and location but the concept is definitely a great way to turn a windy day into a power saving one.

Also included with the turbine is a mobile app that allows the user to keep track of the wind direction, charging times and effectiveness of the turbine. Since you are probably already concerned with overcharging your phone batteries, we're guessing you don't waste bundles of energy with each charge. However, the AERO E is definitely thinking outside of the box. Or in this case outside of your window.