SOL Republic Deck Ultra Wireless Speaker is Party Ready

It's so nice, SOL Republic and Motorola had to do it twice. The companies behind the original SOL Republic Deck Bluetooth speaker have partnered again to launch the Deck Ultra (available now, priced at $149), promising twice the power and range with even longer battery life.

According to SOL Republic CEO and co-founder, Kevin Lee, the new speaker will offer “excessive loudness and insane range.” PR jargon aside, the Deck Ultra offers some pretty compelling features.

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Similar to the original, the Deck Ultra will feature Heist mode that enables up to five people to sync up to the device. Using either a Bluetooth connection or NFC, people can quickly and seamlessly switch between devices and DJs. Players also have the ability to cut in on another DJ’s turn, just in case the an errant slow song comes on during a heavy-duty NeNe session.

The Deck Ultra has a few new tricks up its sleeve including having a Bluetooth range of 450 feet with its Super Power Wireless technology. That’s 100 feet further than the Deck. SOL Republic claims that the speaker will last up to 22 hours on a charge.

As far as the sound, Sol Republic claims that the Deck Ultra is twice as loud as the original and is one of the few speakers of its size to offer 360 degree audio. Bass junkies should have no problems getting their fix thanks to the large bass port located along the rear of the device. In the event you want to take the party to the great outdoors, the Deck Ultra is also outfitted with SOL Republic's proprietary Outdoor Boost technology, which delivers optimum sound quality for tailgating or camping. The speaker also doubles as a speakerphone for impromptu calls.

Unlike the original Deck, the Ultra is only available in two colors (Horizon Blue and Gunmetal) compared to five. Hopefully SOL Republic will launch additional colors at a later date.

Sherri L. Smith

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