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This Is the Stunning Galaxy S9 You Deserve

There's been some hope that Samsung would unveil a new Galaxy S9 this year that would enhance the look and feel of its handset. And now a new rendering is envisioning what that could look like.

The folks over at DBS Designing have published renderings of a Galaxy S9 that comes with exceedingly thin bezels at the top and bottom and more pronounced edges on the sides. Taken together, the design tweaks put your content front and center.

Credit: DBS Designing

(Image credit: DBS Designing)

Meanwhile, on the back, the folks at DBS Designing envision a handset that comes with dual, vertically aligned rear-facing cameras and a fingerprint sensor that sits below them. Add that to sleek lines and a seeming commitment to higher-end finishes like metal (rather than plastic), and the design is a winner.

But there's a problem.

Several reports last year had suggested that Samsung was working on a redesign for the Galaxy S9. Rather than keep things the same, Samsung was trying to deliver a handset that had even thinner bezels and would do an even better job than the Galaxy S8 of increasing the screen-to-body ratio.

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Soon after, however, Samsung reportedly tested the revamped design and discovered that, for some reason, it wasn't right, according to reports. It ultimately forced the company to stick with a nearly identical design to last year's model, disappointing those who would have hoped for something new.

Credit: DBS Designing

(Image credit: DBS Designing)

So, while the rendering might be nice, we will likely need to wait a bit longer to actually get a new Samsung flagship with an improved screen-to-body ratio.

But Samsung will offer some improvements over last year's model. The company is expected to include the faster and more efficient Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor in the handset, along with dual rear cameras on the Galaxy S9+ version. There's also talk that Samsung could boost the Galaxy S9's software with artificial intelligence.

We'll find out for sure next month, when Samsung unveils the handset ahead of Mobile World Congress. Recent reports say the new Galaxy S9 line will hit store shelves on March 16.