Samsung Just Confirmed Galaxy Note 9's Biggest Features

Samsung has officially waved the white flag in its battle with the rumor mill.

Credit: SamMobile via Samsung

(Image credit: SamMobile via Samsung)

In a rather surprising blog post on Wednesday (Aug. 8), Samsung Chile all but confirmed some of the Galaxy Note 9's biggest new features. In the post, the company wrote that it's seen all of the rumors and discussed which of those reports might be true. And it centered its blog post on three features: the battery, storage, and gaming.

Samsung said that there's been significant speculation over whether the Galaxy Note 9's battery "will increase its capacity." Although the company didn't confirm how long the battery might last, it did say that the battery should last all day without trouble and regardless of what you're doing on the device. That would seem to confirm earlier rumors that say the Note 9's battery would have a capacity of 4,000 mAh, which would be the biggest yet in a Galaxy phone..

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Next up, Samsung discussed rumors that say the company would double the capacity in this year's Galaxy Note 9 and offer 512GB of storage. Again, Samsung Chile didn't offer up any specific storage amounts, but it did say that the "Note9 would break that cycle [of needing to delete content to make room for new content] incorporating more storage capacity than its predecessor Note8."

So, yep, you can check that one off the list, too.

Finally, Samsung Chile turned its attention to gaming on the Galaxy Note 9. There have been several rumors that say the Galaxy Note 9 will be the first to offer Fortnite on Android. And although, again, Samsung Chile didn't mention anything by name, it seemed to confirm that's the case.

"It seems that Samsung's new Galaxy Note9 could exclusively include a recognized and popular zombie video game, thus becoming the first device to allow download in Android format," the company wrote.

Samsung's move follows the company teasing three of the top features previously. Companies don't typically like to confirm features ahead of a launch. But we're still hoping there will be some surprises tomorrow when Samsung holds its Note 9 launch event (Aug. 9).

In an even more curious move, Samsung Chile ends the blog post calling the features it confirm "just rumors" and said that they "can hardly be confirmed before the official launch."

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