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  • Vitesse04
    Are there any address book apps that maintain a separate data set that will not be merged with the iPhone's native Contacts data, mail accounts, social media, etc? I want an ISLAND of data that stays within the one app
  • Jiffy Jose
    But it does not add mobile nos from the Facebook contact details..
  • 88Rober
    I'm looking for a contact manager with the following functions:

    - multi-user support with permission settings
    - action log (so that if a contact is edited I can view the history of edits and see who modified what data)
    - Google Contacts 2-way sync
    - all contact fields searchable (many contact managers refuse to search through notes or custom fields for example)

    The closest I've found so far were Kylook (but not all fields are searchable there) and OfficeClip (where custom fields are not synced and permission settings are a bit messy). Does anyone know of a solution that would meet all these requirements? Thanks in advance!
  • Scorpio2177
    Any recommendations for a Samsung Galaxy Note 7? My Google contacts are not syncing.