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It's Official: OnePlus 7 Pro Will Ditch Notches and Bezels

The OnePlus 7 Pro is one step closer to its release. And now, OnePlus has published a four-page ad in The New York Times to promote its plans for its next flagship handset.

Credit: Waqar Khan

(Image credit: Waqar Khan)

In the ad, which promotes the May 14 keynote, the company says the upcoming OnePlus 7 Pro will have "no bezel" and "no notch." The company also said that the handset will ditch "app lag," "bloatware," and "random music." You also won't find "bells and whistles" or a "$2,000 price tag," according to the ad. Twitter user Joey Riz shared the ad online.

OnePlus stops short in the ad of showcasing the device itself. It does, however, share an outline of the device, which seemingly shows a handset with no notch or bezel. There also appears to be a vertically aligned triple-lens camera on the back. The much-ballyhooed pop-up selfie camera is also in the device for snapping selfies and video calls.

Credit: Joey Riz

(Image credit: Joey Riz)

Then again, OnePlus might not be revealing all that much. After all, the company's OnePlus 7 and OnePlus 7 Pro have been the subject of countless rumors in recent months. We've even seen some leaks showcasing what the device might look like, including a notch-less design with a pop-up selfie camera. OnePlus might be trying to take some of the limelight it's lost to the rumor mill.

But whether the OnePlus 7 can succeed in a hotly contested smartphone market is unknown. While the device is expected to come with plenty of power, thanks to the same Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 you can find in the Galaxy S10, its price might be the arbiter of its success.

We'll find out for sure what OnePlus has planned on May 14, when the company will hold a keynote in New York City discussing its plans.

  • HalfCrazed
    I have the OnePlus 6T, and I love the speed of it. I don't like the reboot problem where all apps' battery saving preferences reset. However, I think the camera quality is far inferior to Samsung's.
  • JacksonJohnson
    I think I'd rather have a punch hole than a pop-up dirt catcher