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Not Good: Just 45,000 iPhone X Units Available at Launch?

Many predicted Apple wouldn't be able to fulfill orders for the launch of its long-awaited iPhone X, and a new report out of China indicates that unfortunately may be the case.

A story published by, by way of DigiTimes, claims manufacturer Foxconn only shipped roughly 46,500 units globally to retailers in its initial batch. That's well short of the 100,000-unit target, and analysts say the TrueDepth camera system is to blame.

More specifically, it's rumored the problem pertains to the front-facing camera's dot projector. The projector casts 30,000 dots onto the user's face, in order to build a comprehensive 3D map for authentication purposes, as well as augmented reality features like Animoji.

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Late last week, Nikkei Asian Review cited this component as Foxconn's primary roadblock in production, while also stressing that other manufacturers have run into similar issues producing 3D depth-sensing arrays for other products as well.

The TrueDepth camera system which enables Face ID is perhaps the iPhone X's most defining feature, as it encompasses everything from locking and unlocking the device to confirming transactions through Apple Pay.

DigiTimes says Foxconn has increased its output target to 400,000, but investors are still doubtful that will be sufficient to satisfy the phone's high demand. The iPhone X becomes available for preorder on October 27, and begins shipping on November 3. You can read our hands-on impressions here.