Sprint Has iPhone X for Half Off: Best Deal Yet

The iPhone X is a masterpiece. Even in the face of stiff competition, Apple's flagship smartphone offers the type of performance that rivals haven't even come close to matching.

Apple iPhone X
Apple iPhone X

It's a shame about its price though, because at $999 it's one of the most expensive phones we've seen. Fortunately, Sprint is making it easier for you to get your hands on an iPhone X.

For a limited time, the carrier is taking a whopping 50 percent off the price of the iPhone X. Put simply — that's the best iPhone X deal we've come across. However, as with any carrier deal, there are a few catches worth mentioning.

First, you must sign up for a Sprint Flex lease, which technically means the iPhone will not be yours. Rather, you're leasing it over the span of 18 months. However, unlike most carriers which charge $40+ per month for the iPhone X, Sprint is only charging $20 per month. After 18 months, you'll have paid $360, at which point you can pay off the device and keep it, return it for a new phone, or continue making monthly payments until you own it. 

Even with those caveats, it's still the best iPhone X offer at this moment and it's available via Best Buy as well. There's no official expiration date, but it's valid for new customers only or for anyone opening a new line of service.

Louis Ramirez

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  • reggieragu
    Yeah, 50% off it is not all that.
  • chevrolee
    Its a scam. Their site says 50% off. Its really $20 for 18 months, and you don't own it. If you want to keep it then its $249 more, spread out over 6 more months. So, the total would be $609.00 after 24 months and then its yours. Still not a bad deal but its not half price, that would be $500.
    And to make it worse, this is not spelled out anywhere. I struggled all day going back and forth first on their website, where I was eventually locked out and told to call. I called and then had to go to a store to prove my ID. After that I still could not complete the deal on their website. I then called and was told after the 18 month lease period if you wanted to keep it you then had to pay the full remaining retail value, That made no sense so it was back to the store yet again. I signed the deal there, however had to pay the $30 activation fee and insurance for the first month so it cost me like $48 more to do it at the store, and they did not have the 256gb phone in stock. So I have to go back yet again in a few days to pick up and activate.
    The guy I dealt with had to input all the information into their three different times because he kept doing it wrong. Meanwhile he never stopped using his phone all the time he was "helping" me. He also had his music playing through a speaker in the middle of the store, with a lot of really foul language blasting while there were little kids in the store.
    I hate going into these stores. You have to give them your personal information, in this case three different times.
    Where is the professionalism, and courtesy? I don't even have the phone yet and I fee as if I made a mistake.