How to Use Multi Window Mode on Galaxy Note 5

The Galaxy Note 5's roomy 5.7-inch display is just begging to be split for multitasking, and thankfully, Samsung includes its Multi Window software so you can do just that. Whether you want to text a friend while watching a video, or copy and paste words from a Web article into a Facebook post, Multi Window can come in handy. Here's how to use it.

1. Tap the Open Apps key to the left of the home button below the screen.

2. Press the two-rectangle Multi Window button above the app you want to open. Only those with this symbol can be split, and that includes about 20 apps right now, including Messages, Facebook and Browser.

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3. Select another app for the second half of the screen. You can choose from already-open windows, or swipe left for more app options.

4. Tap the dot in between the two windows to see more options for the apps.

5. Press the second icon from the left to drag and drop content between the panels. You can use these options to Swap, Drag and Drop, Minimize, Maximize or Close the windows.

6. Drag your content across the windows. This will only work for apps that allow for dragging and dropping, such as Google Drive and Gallery.

7. Pull the dot between the windows down or up to resize the panels.

8. Press the X symbol after tapping on the middle circle to close the window.

Cherlynn Low

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