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Samsung's Foldable Phone Will Stretch a Gigantic 7.3 Inches

We have a pretty good idea as to when Samsung plans to unveil its foldable Galaxy phone. Now we're just waiting on the what, in the form of concrete details about this upcoming handset.


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Some critical details may have just emerged, though, thanks to a report from South Korea's ETNews. That report, citing industry sources, says that Samsung's foldable phone will have a 7.3-inch OLED panel when fully extended. The phone will fold on a vertical access, meaning you'll open and close it like you would a book.

The report, which was first spotted by SamMobile, suggests that you won't always unfold this Galaxy phone; instead, you'll only turn to the big screen when tasks demand extra real estate. Otherwise, you'll have access to a 4.6-inch flexible OLED when the phone is folded up.

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Reports on the screen size have been a little all over the map, with some rumors suggesting the phone, commonly referred to as the Galaxy X, would have a screen size of up to 8 inches when unfolded. Previous ETNews articles have placed the size closer to 7 inches, so this latest report is consistent with that.

We're inclined to think the 7.3-inch screen size forecast could be close to on the mark, if only because we're getting closer to the phone's reported unveiling. Earlier this week, Samsung mobile chief DJ Koh hinted that the phone could launch later this year, possibly at Samsung's developer conference on Nov. 7.

While we've been using the name Galaxy X to describe the foldable phone, it may debut as the Galaxy F, according to at least one rumor-monger on Twitter. Whichever name the phone eventually goes by, its internal code name suggests Samsung has lofty ambitions for the device: ETNews reports that the phone is known inside the company as Winner.