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New Render Shows the Stunning Galaxy S10 We Want

A new realistic render puts together the latest Galaxy S10 rumors into one cool slab of glass and metal, but perhaps the final product will be even better than this.

Credit: Benjamin Geskin/Twitter

(Image credit: Benjamin Geskin/Twitter)

Created by concept artist Ben Geskin — the image, titled “This must be it #GalaxyS10,” shows how the latest rumor about the S10 having a display with a hole may look like in real life.

Geskin — who already rendered another Samsung S10 in the past — also put together a side-by-side for this theoretical Galaxy S10 vs the iPhone XS.

Credit: Benjamin Geskin/Twitter

(Image credit: Benjamin Geskin/Twitter)

It looks better than the notch, for sure, although there are users who will probably be annoyed by the little hole.

But perhaps there will be no hole, after all. The Sensor Integrated Technology display revealed last month by Samsung didn’t seem to have any holes. In fact, the slide that shows the technology (called UPS for Under Panel Sensor) looks seamless. There is only the indication of where the camera is, marked with a dotted circle. The display appears completely clean.

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The possibility of a seamless full display with no visible holes is only reinforced by a new patent granted to one of Samsung’s rivals. Chinese phone manufacturer Oppo has developed a way to hide cameras under the display, covering the upper part with a different display layer, a flexible polymer with a lower refresh rate than the rest of the screen.

According to the report by Letsgodigital, the lower refresh rate will allow for the camera underneath to see through and capture an image.

2019 shall be exciting for smartphones — especially if the notch finally dies once and for all, in what would be ugliest and shortest lived fad ever in the industry.

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