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Say Hello to the Real Galaxy Note 8

Seeing official-looking renders of the Galaxy Note 8 is nice, but now Samsung's new flagship is ready for its real close-up.

These new shots (first published by MyEverDayTech) seem to confirm both the good and the bad Galaxy Note 8 rumors that we've been hearing for weeks.

On the bright side, the Note 8's top and bottom bezels look just as thin as those of the Galaxy S8, and the back of the phone features dual camera lenses, which will enable optical zoom and other tricks.

Unfortunately, the Note 8 in these photos also features a back-mounted fingerprint sensor. While we will reserve judgement until our in-depth review, this placement has proven awkward on the S8 and S8+. Fortunately, the flash in this case can act as a bit of a buffer.

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Other notes to take away from these images include a virtual home button (just like the S8 smartphones), and that the left and right edges of the handset appear to be less curved than previous Note handsets.

We expect to learn more about the Note 8 at a Samsung event slated for August 23, where the company is expected to reveal the flagship device.

Credit: MyEveryDayTech via Android Police

Henry T. Casey

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  • downhilldude
    I'm getting one as soon as I can. Love my S8+, but miss my S Pen. Can't wait to be back on a Note again.
  • Salvatore_10
    Very odd, the top pictures show the camera lenses side by side. The bottom picture shows the camera lenses up an down. So if these are the REAL photos, which one is correct.
    Odd, it makes you think.
  • Nephi80
    I've never had an issue with the fingerprint sensor. That's such an overblown complaint.