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Major iPhone X2 Leak Points to Three New Models

Apple has plans for three new iPhones this year — and some of them might be cheaper than you'd expect.

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The tech giant will offer an iPhone X SE, iPhone X-2, and an iPhone X Plus, according to a new report from Economic Daily News. The news suggests that Apple will ditch the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus and will not offer an iPhone 9 or iPhone 9 Plus. And on the lower-end of the line, Apple could increase the price from $699 on the iPhone 8 to $799 to start on the iPhone X SE, according to the report.

Despite the reported price increase, Apple may offer some discounts elsewhere. According to the report, the company would drop the price on its second-generation iPhone X to $899, a $100 reduction on its current price. The iPhone X Plus, which would presumably come with a bigger screen, would set customers back $999 to start, according to the report.

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The news is just the latest in a string of reports that suggest Apple is working on three new iPhones for this year. While the company itself has remained tight-lipped, it's believed that the second-generation iPhone X will have a nearly identical design to last year's model and could come with a 5.8-inch screen. The cheapest model of the bunch, which could be the iPhone X SE, is expected to have a 6.1-inch display. The iPhone X Plus, as it's now being called, could ship with a 6.5-inch screen. Only the iPhone X and iPhone X Plus will have OLED screens, according to reports. The iPhone X SE would ship with an LCD display.

Speaking of those displays, a report from Economic Daily News that was earlier covered by Valuewalk suggests Apple has tapped Samsung Display for production on the iPhone X line's displays. According to the report, Samsung Display would begin work on the screens in May and double its production efforts in June. That could all lead to Apple getting the iPhone X units to store shelves in September. Last year, Apple didn't release its iPhone X until November.

Apple hasn't announced any plans for future iPhones, so it's important to take the latest reports with the proverbial grain of salt. But we can expect many more iPhone X leaks and rumors over the coming months.

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