Samsung smart TVs are about to lose this music streaming service — what you need to know

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Tidal is officially being kicked from Samsung’s smart TV ecosystem in a forthcoming update in the wake of losing support on several other smart displays. 

An email sent to Tidal customers explains the departure with little extra clarity. Several Reddit users provided a screenshot of the email, which reads: 

“After July 8, 2024, Tidal will no longer be available on Samsung Smart TVs. To keep listening to your favorite tunes, log in to Tidal from your computer, download the mobile app, or discover other ways to stream.” 

The email doesn’t provide a specific reason as to why Tidal might be getting axed from Samsung TVs, but as mentioned previously it’s not the only one losing access to the music streaming platform. Amazon TVs lost support for Tidal nearly two months prior, while both the best Roku TVs and best Roku devices also lost Tidal about a month ago. 

Time for Tidal to make like a wave

Tidal’s loss of support across these TV and device ecosystems might prove to be a heavy blow for users who enjoy listening to music on their TV speaker systems as much as they do watching general entertainment. Despite Tidal’s high praise (we gave it a perfect score in our review), there are other options to consider, namely either Spotify or Apple Music, both of which are supported on a wide range of devices and TVs. 

You could also still cast Tidal from alternate devices to Samsung TVs using AirPlay — though, the feature is only available on newer TVs. There’s also Chromecast with Google TV 4K that would allow you to cast Tidal from your phone or tablet to the TV in question, though this would also bypass Samsung’s Tizen interface. 

Thus, there are several options to consider for those who might be missing out on all of their favorite music and music videos come Tidal’s departure on Samsung TVs July 8. Plus, Tidal is still available on several alternate TVs and some of the best streaming devices, including Android TV, Google TV, Apple TV, Vizio SmartCast TVs, and even LG TVs (though Tidal’s website for some reason does not list support for the platform). 

It’s an unfortunate loss, as Tidal recently added an exciting new feature that allows you to share tracks with others and they will be able to open that particular song or music video in their own music streaming app. It also launched a far cheaper hi-resolution music streaming subscription that takes a jibe at Apple Music at just $11 monthly. 

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