Samsung just expanded its Micro-LED TV lineup — starting at $110,000

Samsung Micro LED TV on wall in living room
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Samsung is adding three new 4K models to its premium Micro-LED TV lineup that are primed to beat even the best OLED TVs.

Before you get excited, though, the starting price on these budding OLED killers starts at a whopping $110,000 for the 89-inch model. Samsung is also bringing to market a 101-inch model for $130,000 and a 114-inch model for $150,000, all three of which are joining the 110-inch model launched in 2022

Micro-LED TVs are crowned as major game changers for the industry, sporting the same benefits presented in OLED TVs, such as deeper blacks and gorgeous colors, alongside improved contrast and brightness. 

It's clear though that no matter who might be victorious in the Micro-LED vs OLED TV debate, the former remains isolated in its early stages. When up against a price of $110,000 for an 89-inch model, the $5,299 LG C4 OLED at 83-inch might well prove the better investment. 

Micro goes big 

Samsung Micro-LED tech showcase

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Samsung's Micro-LED TV keeps expanding — but what exactly makes MicroLED different from Mini-LED or even regular LED-LCD TVs? As the name suggests, they leverage microscopic LEDs for unparalleled levels of brightness, colors, and contrast via eight million points of light. 

Thanks to the underlying Micro AI processor, you can expect similar features as seen on some of the best Samsung TVs when it comes to sophisticated AI upscaling. The included Micro Color technology will invite a world of hues to the Micro-LED range in addition to ultra-realistic textures and dimensions. 

Built on a bezel-less and slim design, these new Micro-LED models are primed to fit cleanly into your home entertainment setup. Given their larger sizes, as TVs are getting bigger after all, these offerings won't come with an included stand. 

And you can leave the best Dolby Atmos soundbars alone, as the Samsung Micro-LED range invites a world of audio immersion thanks to its built-in Dolby Atmos speaker system. AI-infusions abound, as well, like an Active Voice Amplifier Pro and Object Tracking Sound Pro, both aimed at delivering exceptional realism to the auditory experience. 

With 4vue you can even experience up to four screens at one time, making it all the easier to play Fallout New Vegas while watching Prime Video's "Fallout" show. All the extra trappings that make Samsung one of the best TV manufacturers in the space, like the Gaming Hub and TV Plus, will also be included on its new Micro-LED lineup. 

While we won't be taking out a second mortgage to buy one, folks with hundreds of thousands to spend on a new TV can find one through custom installers and Samsung's website. The rest of us will just have to settle for regular Mini-LED and OLED TVs like the new (and quite beautiful) Samsung S95D OLED.

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