I love the Google Pixel Tablet and it just dropped 20% for Amazon's Big Spring Sale

Google Pixel Tablet Amazon Big Spring Sale
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The Google Pixel Tablet landed with a splash last year and it's dual-purpose approach has won it plenty of fans, including my colleague Anthony Spadafora.

Right now, the Google Pixel Tablet is back down to just $399 as part of the Amazon Big Spring Sale. That's a 20% price cut and the lowest price I've ever seen for this gadget and on a par with the Black Friday reductions we saw late last year.

When you consider you're getting a great Android tablet and a smart display in one, it's a very tempting deal.

Google Pixel Tablet: was $499 now $399 @ Amazon

Google Pixel Tablet: was $499 now $399 @ Amazon
Surf the web on the Pixel Tablet's 11-inch display while you're lounging around at home, then connect it to its charging speaker dock to transform it into a smart home hub to access your favorite smart home gadgets. It's the first tablet with the Google Tensor G2 chip built-in and comes with 128GB of storage.

It's true that Apple tops our best tablets list with the excellent iPad Air — but not everyone wants to dip their toes into the iPadOS pool. For those with a predilection for Pixels, the Google Pixel Tablet is an essential purchase. And that goes double if you're all-in on making your home as smart as possible.

Because the Google Pixel Tablet comes with Google Assistant built in, you can speak commands to the smart assistant to turn off the lights, see who’s at the front door through your video doorbell, and even set reminders for yourself.

And just like Apple's ecosystem, the Google Pixel Tablet will seamlessly sync up with your Google Pixel Buds Pro if you want to kick back with one of the best Netflix movies on the 2,560 x 1,600 11-inch screen.   

And what makes this deal even better is that it comes bundled with the charger speaker dock, which effectively means you’re also getting a Google Nest Hub alongside a great tablet. 

The dock enables the Pixel Tablet to cast to other devices, like your TV, so you can easily pull up your favorite videos on YouTube on the big screen. For video calls, the Continuous Framing feature will automatically pan and zoom — so you're always in the center.

One thing to point out at the close is that I've flagged up the 128GB deal above. If you want even more storage, you can also bag a 25% discount on the 256GB version of the Pixel Tablet. That's down from $599 to $449 at Amazon right now as part of the retailer's Big Spring Sale.

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