Google Messages may have just stolen a major time-saving feature from iMessage

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Google seems to be on a mission at the moment to make its Google Messages app a more powerful competitor to the likes of Apple's iMessage and Meta's WhatsApp. The company has added several new features, including adding emoji effect animations and the option to make your green bubbles blue.

Those features are nice, but convincing people to upgrade to one of the best Android phones demands apps with substance as much as style. And a pair of screenshots posted to X by user Jhow_kira suggest a big change coming to Google Messages that could be a massive time saver for Android phone users.

The post details the upcoming option to edit messages after they've been sent — something possible on both WhatsApp and iMessage. Apparently, some Android users (including this X user) are testing the new feature at the moment.

Editing a sent message involves long-pressing the message they wish to change and and then tapping on a pencil icon that appears in the top toolbar. While the original message can still be accessed from the overflow menu, this new addition to Google Messages will let people quickly amend a typo or change a detail without having to send an entirely new message. Imagine the cumulative time saved by not needing extra messages to clarify a different time or spell someone's name correctly.  

Messages will be open to edit up to 15 minutes after they've been sent and both the sender and recipient need to have the edit message feature in order for it to function.

Screenshots showing Google Messages editing feature

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Sadly, it's not clear exactly when this feature will be introduced to Google Messages — but given iMessage has had the same functionality since iOS 16 in 2022, hopefully Google won't hang about.

Of course, there's the small matter of Google I/O happening today, May 14, which could potentially provide a few more details on this new feature. The event will kick off at 1pm ET / 10am PT / 6pm BST and you can watch along with Google's live feed of the I/O keynote. And, of course, we'll be unpacking all the best new features following the announcements, so here's a look at all the things we're expecting to hear about at today's event.

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  • TGav8r
    admin said:
    A feature currently only available on iMessage and WhatsApp could soon come to Google Messages and save us all a whole lot of time.

    Google Messages may have just stolen a major time-saving feature from iMessage : Read more
    Apple doesn't have an "iMessage" app. It does, however, have a "Messages" app.