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When people think of Peacock the first thing they think of is TV. OK, the first thing they might think of is how frustrating it is that they cannot watch The Office on Netflix anymore, but the TV content is right up there. 

Vigil, a thrilling murder mystery that takes place on a submarine is just one of the many series that draw people into the NBCUniversal streaming service daily. It's just one of many great Peacock shows, which include We Are Lady Parts and Girls5Eva.

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Admittedly, the notion that people may think of Peacock as a TV streaming service is not exactly a surprise. TV is clearly the main focus of the streaming service, especially when you expand TV to include live sports and news. But it's time to change that thinking. 

Don't look past Peacock's movies 

A closer look at Peacock’s movie catalog shows off a surprising amount of quality films. The critically acclaimed 1917 is one of the highlights that I was surprised to see on Peacock as I browsed through the service's online catalog. Even more surprisingly — it's available for free. Getting some of the Fast and The Furious movies is another highlight, though those are only available for those with a Peacock Premium or Peacock Plus subscription. 

Fast and Furious movies in order: Fast Five

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In retrospect, I really should not be surprised that Peacock has some decent options available to users. As part of Comcast, Peacock has access to Universal Pictures and Focus Features (and it's likely licensing outside films as well). While there are complicating factors, such as existing streaming deals for content created prior to Peacock launching, this provides Peacock with two reputable studios to source content from. 

More importantly, this access allows Peacock to source new movies in addition to building its back catalog. The Northman was in theaters mere weeks ago and is already on the streaming service. Same with Ambulance, the Michael Bay action thriller starring Jake Gyllenhaal. Quality content like this could allow NBCUniversal to compete with Disney Plus and HBO Max, especially if users show demand for more movies. 

Peacock's free and paid movies 

Peacock free vs premium pricing

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Peacock is interesting in that it's got a free option that gives you access to some of the TV shows and movies in its library. Then, of course, there's the relatively affordable $4.99 a month (which gets you much more content). For those who have not cut the cord, the price for Peacock Premium can get even cheaper. Comcast customers get Peacock Premium included in their cable TV subscription.

But what does this mean for Peacock's movies selection? As mentioned before, the Fast and Furious movies are limited to Peacock Premium, as are Despicable Me, The Blues Brothers, Baby Mama and The Deer Hunter. However, movies like 1917 and the 1980’s classic Highlander are available for anyone as long as they sign up for a Peacock account.

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Outlook: What’s next for movies on Peacock 

US basketball player LeBron James arrives for Netflix's Los Angeles premiere of "Hustle" held at the Westwood Regency Village Theatre on June 1, 2022 in Los Angeles, California.

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While Peacock’s movie catalog is currently flying under the radar, that may change in the coming year. NBCUniversal recently announced a new slate of original movies coming exclusively to the streaming service in 2023. Shooting Stars tells the origin story of basketball superstar LeBron James. With the recent success of Netflix’s Hustle, Shooting Stars may be able to capitalize on the demand for basketball movies when it releases. 

Two other films will be joining Shooting Stars on Peacock in 2023. John Woo is also going to be doing a reimagining of his 1989 classic film The Killer, and producer Will Packer is slated for Praise This, a comedy about a church choir going in a “hipper” direction.

These originals, combined with an already healthy back catalog and access to new releases from Comcast-owned studios, should wake people up to just how great Peacock is for watching movies.

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