Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 price — how cheap will Samsung go this year?

A render of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4, showing two Z Folds partially open and arranged in an X pattern
(Image credit: Smartprix/OnLeaks)

Samsung has scheduled its second Unpacked 2022 event for August 10. We expect to hear about all kinds of exciting new hardware, most notably the fourth generation of foldables. The Korean phone maker isn't playing coy with this information, either, practically sounding it from the rooftops that we should, in fact, be excited for the next Galaxy Z devices.

The August 10 event will reveal everything we need to know about the Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Galaxy Z Flip 4. Rumors have swirled about both phones for a while now, centering on things like specs and Samsung's potential plans. From possibly dropping the Z moniker altogether to maybe lowering prices, there's a lot of attention on what's next.

In fact, it's pricing I want to touch on — specifically the Galaxy Z Fold 4's. The Galaxy Z Fold 3 launched last year for an eye-watering $1,799 starting price. That mammoth sum raised a lot of eyebrows, even though it was $200 less than the price of Galaxy Z Fold 2. New tech is expensive, both in terms of hardware and R&D, but $1,799 is a lot to ask for a phone. A lot of people balk at $1,000.

One leak recently suggested that there might be a 128GB Galaxy Z Fold 4. This had led many, including us, to believe that a price drop will happen this generation. Remember that the Galaxy Z Fold 2 launched at $1,999, with the Galaxy Z Fold 4 dropping that price by $200. Could the Galaxy Z Fold 4 also drop another $200, possibly with a lower amount of base storage? (The Galaxy Z Fold 3 offers 256GB and 512GB models — there's no 128GB option.) If so, $1,599 is still a hefty sum for a phone, no matter how cool or novel it is, but the Fold's  price would certainly be moving in the right direction.

But the question I have is whether Samsung will only achieve a $200 cut by halving the base storage, or if this rumored 128GB option will shave off even more than $200. Just imagine if the 128GB Galaxy Z Fold 4 started at $1,499, while the 256GB comes in at $1,599 to keep the same $200 price drop generation over generation with the same storage.

August 10 isn't far off, so we'll see then if this wild speculation of mine pays off. I think Samsung will see more people adopt the Fold if the price continues to drop — you need only look to the success of the Galaxy Z Flip 3 when it debuted at $999. I don't think I'm too far off my rocker here, but we'll find out soon enough.

Jordan Palmer
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