Do not buy a new MacBook Pro until after WWDC 2023 — here's why

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If you asked me six weeks ago what’s the best MacBook, or indeed the best laptop, to buy, I'd have said the MacBook Air M2 without skipping a beat. I adore the machine, even if it comes with a premium price tag. The Air nails a blend of sleek design, great performance, bountiful battery life and a lovely display. 

But with WWDC 2023 around the corner on June 5, I’d clam shut if the same question was thrown at me. Well, actually, I’d suggest you don’t buy any Mac until Apple's event is over. 

Despite usually being an event where Apple touts its latest software teaks, versions and innovations, this year's Worldwide Developers Conference is set to have a range of hardware, from updated Macs to the MacBook Air 15-inch and the long-awaited Apple VR/AR headset

With much of this reporting coming from reliable sources, I’d place a rather healthy wad of cash on seeing the MacBook Air 15-inch and the likes of a refreshed Mac Studio get revealed on June 5. 

Do not buy a Mac today! 

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In essence now is the worst time to buy a new Mac, especially a MacBook Pro or MacBook Air. You’re far better off waiting to see what Apple reveals at WWDC.

Buying a Mac Studio would be a mistake, as Apple is very likely to equip it with an M2 Max and/or M2 Ultra chip, bringing the improvements of the Apple M2 chip to the supercharged versions of its top silicon. Going by previous Apple moves, a refreshed Mac Studio is likely to be the same price as its predecessor; that model could then be discontinued or sliced in price, meaning you’re definitely better off delaying your purchase.

15-inch Air could be MacBook Pro alternative

As for the MacBook Air 15-inch, you could dismiss it by saying that you don’t want an Air with a larger display. But that would be premature, as more chassis space means more room for passive cooling and thus the M2 chip this larger Air could deliver peak performance for longer periods of time than the 13-inch model.

Assuming the 15-inch Air offers stronger performance than the smaller model, it could result in a machine that nips at the heels of the MacBook Pro 14-inch, and possibly outpace the MacBook Pro 13-inch; the latter is rather long-in-the-tooth and could be sent to Cupertino's walled garden in the sky.

I’m also relatively confident that a larger MacBook Air with the M2 chip could offer a compelling middle-ground between the expensive MacBook Pros and the more affordable Airs, yet still offer performance that can keep up with all but the most demanding pro workloads.

There’s no word on the iMac 2023 being revealed at WWDC, but I'd not be surprised if it was given a quiet refresh. So again, I’d suggest you avoid buying the current 24-inch iMac at lest for now. 

Get ready for discounts on existing Macs

You might argue that you don’t need the latest Mac machines, which is perfectly valid. But with new Macs comes the chance for current models to be reduced in price by Apple itself or be sliced by the likes of Amazon and Best Buy, who will be looking to clear their shelves of older Macs before new ones are stocked.

So in short, if you’ve suddenly got a hankering to buy a macOS machine, I suggest you hold fire. Yes, there's nothing like opening a box-fresh laptop, especially one so pristinely presented as a MacBook. But waiting for a little longer should help you get the right Mac for your needs and avoid any buyer's remorse.

Make sure to check back with Tom’s Guide as we’ll be providing live updates of all the latest news from WWDC 2023 on June 5.

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