You can pre-order PS5 games right now — but there’s a catch

(Image credit: Sony)

If you’ve managed to secure a PS5 pre-order, then you might be looking for games you can get for Sony's next-gen console when it launches on November 12. Well, Sony has got your back as PS5 game pre-orders have gone live on the PlayStation Store. 

At least they have in some parts of the world that have received an update to the PS Store, according to We’ve not seen the updated store on our side, so you might have to sit patiently for it to be rolled out to wherever you might be. 

However the update will mean you can order games like Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, and Demon’s Souls Remastered. However, there’s precious little detail in the games’ file sizes, or any screenshots or videos to accompany the pre-orders, GamesRadar reported. That’s either because the update to the PS Store is in its early days, or Sony needs to keep some PS5 game footage under wraps. 

Furthermore, there doesn't seem to be an option ready to pre-install the games ready for their release when they go live on the PS5. As such, the pre-orders are only really useful if you want the peace of mind that you’ve secured a copy of one of these games. But given the PS Store allows them to be downloaded digitally, it’s not as if Sony is going to run out of copies, so the early pre-orders seem a little baffling to us. 

Still it does mean that you’ll be ready to play some of the PS5 launch titles as soon as you’ve set up your PS5, if you’re lucky enough to have secured one during the huge PS5 pre-order rush in September. 

Sadly if you're in the U.K. or Europe, you’ll have to wait until November 19, as that’s when Sony is releasing the PS5 in those regions. We're not sure why Sony is staggering the launch, especially when the Xbox Series X is having a worldwide launch on November 10. 

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