Xbox Series X tipped to reveal four huge exclusives at E3 2021

Halo Infinite Xbox Series X
(Image credit: 343 Industries)

After getting cancelled last year, E3 is back for 2021 — albeit in an all-digital format. With Microsoft yet to roll out any major next-gen exclusive games, the showcase is set to be the perfect platform to announce upcoming heavy-hitting Xbox Series X titles. And an industry insder may have just revealed what to expect. 

Well-known leaker Klobrille took to ResetEra to drop a few tidbits, claiming we should expect to see Halo Infinite, Starfield, Forza Horizon 5, and Age of Empires 4 revealed at Microsoft's show this summer. Klobrille adds the caveat that while these four games will be unveiled at E3 2021, they may not all launch this year. 

"Halo/Starfield/FH5 trifecta incoming... Add Age of Empires IV and I’m confident this is their AAA quadruple punch this Summer, independent whether all these 4 actually make a release this year or not," Klobrille said on the forum. 

Halo Infinite was all set to be an Xbox Series X launch title, but was delayed after coming under fire for not living up to fan expectations of a next-gen game (we all remember Craig). 343 Industries is on track to release the new Halo this fall. 

Meanwhile, gamers will be most interested in Microsoft's plans for Starfield in the wake of the Zenimax acquisition. Questions of platform exclusivity/timed-exclusivity aside, we may see Starfield launch this year. 

Over on Twitter, Klobrille commented on the 2021 Starfield copyright notice, highlightiing: "I guess it means *something* will happen with Starfield publicly this year?" 

If it's not a 2021 release date that will be announced, we can at least look forward to some new information about the game.

Delving a little deeper, Klobrille mentioned the setting for Forza Horizon 5, noting it won't be Japan as some rumors have suggested. 

In another ResetEra post, Klobrille said: "I'm with Jeff Grubb on this one and do expect FH to show up this Summer. I also might have an idea about the location, which is not Japan, but that info didn't went too well with FH4 the last time, so let's leave that to the team!"

Jeff Grubb has stated unequivocally that Forza Horizon 5 won't take place in Japan. With so many industry insiders echoing the same information, we'd say there's truth to be found in the leak. But as always, until we get something official, take it with a pinch of salt.  

Sony has already started rolling out next-gen exclusive titles for the PS5, so gamers are eager to see Microsoft catch up. Returnal is one such game, coming this Friday, April 30; stay tuned for our review. You can read out Returnal preview in the meantime.

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