Resident Evil Village demo just got extended by a week — what you need to know

Resident Evil Village
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With the Resident Evil Village release date just 10 days away, Capcom has just announced that the final demo of the game has now been extended by a whole week, giving players around the world extra time to try out the game before its launch. 

The news came shortly after the developers received a lot of fan backlash and criticism following Capcom's original announcement that the final demo would be available for just 24 hours. The newly extended demo is scheduled to arrive on May 1 (5 p.m. PDT) and will be active until May 9 (5 p.m. PDT), overlapping with the official release date on May 7 by two days.

The studio has also specified the time frames for the U.K. and Europe regions: starting at May 2 (1 a.m. BST/ 2 a.m. CEST) until May 10 (1 a.m. BST/ 2 a.m. CEST). 

From what we know already, the final Resident Evil Village demo will be set in two key locations of the game: the village in question and, of course, Castle Dimitrescu, the residence of the infamous tall vampire lady, Alcina Dimitrescu. 

PS4 and PS5 users have already had a taste of both the village and the castle during the 30-minute-long demos that were released over the past two weekends. 

However, this time, players across all platforms, including PlayStation, Xbox, PC and Stadia, will have access to the two main sections of the game for an entire week. Though one thing to keep in mind is that play sessions are still limited to 60 minutes at a time.

The upcoming demo will offer fans of the Resident Evil series a comprehensive look into the full game. By contrast, the previous demo, titled Maiden, only featured an unnamed protagonist rather than the game's main character, Ethan Winters. The plot is set several years after the events of Resident Evil 7: Biohazard and Ethan's miraculous escape from the Baker family and the deadly Eveline.

Resident Evil Village will throw you into a gothic winter town, where you can expect to see creatures like werewolves, zombies, vampires, and what looks like a shocking villainous turn for one of Resident Evil's most iconic characters.

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