Xbox Series X Quick Resume gets the upgrade we've been asking for

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Update: Microsoft just upgraded Quick Resume, letting gamers keep two games permanently in a Quick Resume — no matter what they do in the interim.

Microsoft has rolled out the May update for the Xbox Series X and the flagship feature of this system patch is some nifty improvements to Quick Resume. 

With the update comes faster loading times, improved reliability when accessing game with Quick Resume compatibility, and the much-needed ability to know which games are currently suspended.

For the uninitiated, Quick Resume enables the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S to have multiple games to be placed in a suspended state at once, allowing you to jump back into them instantly. It's arguably one of the best features of Microsoft's new consoles and on the PS5 doesn't have. 

While the improvements to Quick Resume’s loading times and reliability are very welcome, these aspects of the feature were already robust, so it’s the additional tweaks that are most needed. Up till now, there hasn’t actually been a way to see what games you currently have suspended, or a way to quickly identify if a game supports the functionality, that is no longer the case thanks to this update.

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In an Xbox Wire blog post, Xbox’s Jonathan Hildebrandt also explained another new Quick Resume upgrade: “Gamers on Xbox Series X|S can also take advantage of a new group that lists all the games currently saved in Quick Resume. You can use the group to see which games are ready to launch from Quick Resume and launch from there.” This group can be pinned to the console’s home screen as well. 

While these are definitely small tweaks to Quick Resume rather than a dramatic overhaul, they add requested functionality and will make the feature overall easier to use. Refinement is definitely the theme of the May Xbox update, there aren’t any ground-breaking new additions just several subtle, but important, improvements. 

For example passthrough audio is now supported for media apps like Disney Plus and Apple TV, the console’s suite of parental settings has been beefed up and a colorful new dynamic theme has been added to the UI. All in all, these are iterative upgrades, but ones we’re very pleased to see Microsoft make. 

If you want an Xbox Series X of your own to try out Quick Resume for yourself, then make sure to keep tabs on our Xbox Series X restock guide which includes the latest stock information for this tricky-to-track-down console. 

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