Xbox Series X restock: This is how Microsoft is fighting scalpers

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Microsoft may have found a solution to its Xbox Series X and Series S restock problems. In a new Tweet, Xbox Insider has revealed that existing Xbox One owners will be able to reserve either a Series X or S through the Insider Hub. 

But that's the rub. You'll need to be in Microsoft's Xbox Insider Program to take part. Plus, it's available to U.S. gamers only. Additionally, the Tweet says space is limited and not all people who register will be selected. A bit of a bummer, but perhaps something that the company might expand in the future. 

The Xbox team told users on Reddit that it wouldn't be inviting everyone either. Anyone who is in the Insider program can check the Insider Hub for a "flight" called Xbox Series X | S Console Purchase Pilot. If that's listed, then you can register your interest. A selection of those who do will be offered the chance to buy the console. 

What's more, the entire purchase will need to be completed from within the Xbox One. It won't work on a PC, Xbox 360 or a Series X or S. You'll also be sent a series of surveys too, asking for feedback on the process. This perhaps hints that Microsoft is considering developing this idea further in future. 

Xbox Insider is similar to the program Microsoft runs for Windows. It allows keen users to opt in to beta builds for updates. You get access to new features early, but run the risk that you'll encounter bugs and potentially end up with instability and potentially data loss. 

But this is, in general, an interesting approach. Why not allow existing customers to have access to the consoles first. You have a loyal following — and Insiders are likely to be the most loyal — so it makes sense to offer any capacity for Xbox Series X and S to those players first. 

As it will be tracked, it would make buying multiple consoles and then flipping them later, impossible. You'd presumably get one shot at this and if you sold your console then you're back in the queue waiting for one through a retail channel instead. 

While not many will get to enjoy this, it's good for those who do and encouraging that Insiders are the ones who will get to experience it first.  

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