Xbox Series X is getting a powerful Quick Resume upgrade

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Update: Microsoft just updated Quick Resume, letting you pin two games to Quick Resume, keeping them active no matter what happens in the interim

Xbox Series X’s Quick Resume feature is fantastic, letting you pick up exactly where you left off without load times getting in the way. But it looks like there’s an update on the way, which will make Quick Resume even better.

Microsoft is now testing a feature that will allow two games to be kept in a Quick Resume state permanently. That way you don’t have to pick between some of your favorite games, just because you want to beat all the pesky loading screens.

The feature was mentioned in the release notes for the latest Xbox Update Preview for the Alpha Skip-Ahead ring. However, Xbox Insider had to clarify that this particular feature isn’t ready, and its inclusion in the release notes was an error.

As a result the notes have been edited to remove any mention of the new Quick Resume. However, people were able to get a glimpse of what’s to come sometime in the near future (via The Gamer).

"Users on Xbox Series X|S consoles can now keep up to two games in Quick Resume no matter what other games are launched. These games will only drop out of Quick Resume if the user manually removes it or if a game is updated," a brief description explained. 

While the Xbox Series X allows you to have three games in their suspended state right now, this new update is still a big deal. Because two games will stay in their Quick Resume state no matter what other games you decide to play in the interim.

Quick Resume is one of the standout features on the Xbox Series X and Series S. Because, let’s face it, loading times are the worst — even if the internal SSD makes load times shorter than previous console generations. 

It’s also something that Sony has failed to replicate on the PS5 so far, and in the past we’ve noted that Quick Resume is miles ahead of the PS5’s ‘Switcher’ feature. And Quick Resume is switched on by default, so you don’t have to go hunting through the settings to take advantage. 

As great as Quick Resume has been so far, this is one of many updates Microsoft has pushed for the feature since the Xbox Series X and S consoles launched. The fact that more updates are coming can only be a good thing.

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